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Monday, December 26, 2005

grey goose orange flavour

grey goose vodka

42 below vodka

Sheirdan's, another unique liqueur, has two compartments one white n one black.

Limoncino, lemon flavoured liquer

huh..? xmas over already?

been so busy working, that almost lost track of time, aka, dunno which day it is, mon, tues, wed, thurs, .. does it matter?

sample routine:
get ass up by 7am
looks out of window
sees sun rising
starts to think y i'm up at such an un-sightly hour
another alarm clock rings
n rings away all hopes getting back into bed
eats breakfast
gets changed
takes bus to another bus-stop
climbs overhead bridge
waits patiently for bus 27
changes to visitor pass at airport pass office
goes to transit area n punch card
walks to loading bay
n starts day as sai kang warrior:coolie+banglah+dunno wat else

i really admire damon n his trip to europe, he's gonna watch a live epl match!
n it's a boxing day clash of Chealsea vs Fulham, he even got the tix shown on his blog.
i wanna go on holiday too....

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

newest flavour: absolut apeach



rasberry flavour


vanilia flavour

Absolut Second Skin, selection of absolut series of vodka taken from dfs shop, where i'm working n stocking up alcohol, day in day out.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

hk drama junkie

after watching so many hk drama, i muz really complain abt split second or zhen fen duo miao, went to borrow close to 30 episodes or 30 vcds, so as to complete the series, the drama started with such promise, undercover cops in the secret society, cops who take bribes, the in the end, almost everyone in the drama dies. stupid ending. gotta work tomolo morning, 2 days already, dunno if can last til next mon, which is my 1st off day. all my sat,sun n public holidays burned, xmas, new year, all working sianz.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

work day2

still in one piece, workload today less than yesterday, worked til 6pm on mon, ended at 4pm today. working as warehouse assistant.
job scope: push trolleys full of liquor/cigarettes to DFS shops located around airport. stock up shelves.
downside:everyone smokes there, esp in the loading bay, lotsa 2nd-hand smoke. the trolleys are freaking heavy man, cartons n cartons of alcohol stacked on a single trolley.
upside:strolling in the transit area like some wannabe traveller. air-con working environment, except the loading bay.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

the world cup draw is out, n i can look forward to the clash between holland n argentina. the world cup is only 6 mths away! bleach(anime) is really gettin better n better, so is the manga, i trying to grit my teeth out til the filler anime episodes for naruto run out,(anime episodes not covered by manga, aka side quests n such) cant wait for naruto part 2. bleach better not start some sidequest thingy, or i'll growl with anger...argh....

this may be old news, but man u is out of the champ league, sianz, fergie muz go, he's spent too much $ on flops then on success, remember forlan? blanc? veron? letting keane leave in the middle of the season was also a mistake. rio ferdinand's acting like a star, ridiculous wage demands, but forgets his role as a defender when ever he plays.

to damon:u watching numb3rs too? they should be showing season 2 there. i'm like only watched one episode from season 1 of numb3rs n that was the sniper one, i was not sure if got fourier series or anything, haven learnt them yet. n the thing is that my cable channel only shows 1 episode every mon, sianz... any info on where i can find a site to dl numb3rs?

Frappucino from Starbucks. they were having some chistmas givaway that day, with free drinks for all. Donation was not compulsory but u could donate any amt u wanted to the Salvation army. i promptly donated $2 after i ordered at the counter. i felt that donating straight to the charity would be better than buying xmas cards where only 10% went to the charity, where will the other 90% go? read in the forum of todays papers where people queued for the free drinks, but didnt make a donnation when approached by the volunteers from the Salvation army. shame on them. it's for charity.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

there's no reason for me not to blog

with more time on my hands, i find that i'm juz aimlessly either watching tv or reading. this somehow gives me more reasons to blog.

lost a little $ over the wk end to 4D n soccer betting, my long awaited attempt at trying luck at soccer betting ends in a loss, after many months of cold turkey treatment. okay maybe not many months, but at least a month i think, where i didnt place a single bet on soccer, not even a small $5 bet. i thought i might try my luck since the exams are over.

charlton are really poor, there was really no defending, how can there be defending when the defenders keep making mistakes. kinda reminds me of how arsenal's defence self-destructs too.

juz watched an episode of numb3rs on axn. i think it's a really cool show. using numbers, patterns, equations to solve crime. today's episode was about snipers. some lunatic sniper started shooting ppl at random on the street, and some more lunatic copycats started to copy the 1st sniper, and the number of shootings juz kept increasing. it's amazing how all this can be related to numbers n patterns arose from the shootings even if they seem random.

finished one book so far, the Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell, Dustin Thomason

Sunday, December 04, 2005

logic of sim lim square...

the higher u go, the cheaper u get.

this rule of thumb is generally true. was searching for win xp home edition today at sim lim today, started on the lower floors.

2nd/3rd floor, range of prices: $159 $155 $155
4th floor: $148
5th floor $135

difference of $20 in at least two floors.

saw McAfee Virus scan 2006 on offer $32 on 3rd floor.
then saw the same software selling for $26 on 5th floor.

ended up buying both win xp n virus scan from same shop at $135 n $26 respectively.
i guess this kinda of pricing is gd in some ways considering that u'll save $$ if u bother to look, but for those that dun care $155 is already a lot cheaper than wat u can find in challenger. $180 i think.

wat i dun like abt sim lim is the hard sell tactics of certain shops, they can promise u the sky, saying they provide u with wat ever warrenty n if got wat ever prob, u juz bring back n they settle for u. this is wat they all "promise to u"

but when really got problem, they'll juz shirk all responsibility saying that this part of that component is not under warrenty, need service charge, certain component need to be replaced, then u have to pay them again.

heng ah...

a;mpst wanted to bet on pool match, but bacjed out on the las tmin, would have lost $ anyway. bought 4D today, but didnt expect much, haven bought lottery ever since that sun. 1st time buying 4D after that small win.

wah, so many ppl bdae in dec...

didnt realise but suddenly found out that got a lot of frens bdae on dec, juz came bak from a bdae bbq, next sun still got one more, haha...

then around xmas still got 2 more... i can feel the pince in my wallet already. yikes, i'm half-drunk while typing this, drank too much alcohol, i was the one who brought the vodka anyway, i ended up drinking the most...

haha, peter crouch finally scored..... i'm not a pool fan, n never will.... =p

Friday, December 02, 2005

watched harry potter today, totally below my expectations, could have been better. tried to smuggle food into cinema, but failed, haha, kenna confiscated by cinema stuff, but returned after movie. morale of story, do not attempt to smuggle drinks/food in a supermarket plastic bag, bring a proper bag. =p

Santa Stitch!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

bowling league

1st time playing league.

$15 for 3 games leh, where can afford to bowl every wed like that.

1st game: 146
2nd :168
3rd: 196

handicap of 10 pins whenever the next time i play league again.
190- 170 = 20

it's like a personal battle with the player from the other team, u're pitting your score against your opponent for every game and total pinfall also.
there are a total of 20pts at stake, everytime u face off with another team.
1st bowler(our team) game 1/2/3 pinfall vs 1st bowler(other team) game 1/2/3 pinfall for 1 pt for each game.
same goes for other bowlers in the team. (ie: each bowler(got 4 bowlers) has 4 pts at stake, and another 4 for team= 20pts)
total pinfall bowler 1/2/3/4(our team) vs bowler 1/2/3/4(other team) for 1 pt each.
plus each total team score for game1/2/3 vs other team score for game1/2/3 for 1 pt each.
and another pt for total overall team score.

we got 14 pts this wk. a decent no of pts. i just hope that we're all able to collect enuf pts at the end of the league to win sumthing.