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Sunday, December 04, 2005

logic of sim lim square...

the higher u go, the cheaper u get.

this rule of thumb is generally true. was searching for win xp home edition today at sim lim today, started on the lower floors.

2nd/3rd floor, range of prices: $159 $155 $155
4th floor: $148
5th floor $135

difference of $20 in at least two floors.

saw McAfee Virus scan 2006 on offer $32 on 3rd floor.
then saw the same software selling for $26 on 5th floor.

ended up buying both win xp n virus scan from same shop at $135 n $26 respectively.
i guess this kinda of pricing is gd in some ways considering that u'll save $$ if u bother to look, but for those that dun care $155 is already a lot cheaper than wat u can find in challenger. $180 i think.

wat i dun like abt sim lim is the hard sell tactics of certain shops, they can promise u the sky, saying they provide u with wat ever warrenty n if got wat ever prob, u juz bring back n they settle for u. this is wat they all "promise to u"

but when really got problem, they'll juz shirk all responsibility saying that this part of that component is not under warrenty, need service charge, certain component need to be replaced, then u have to pay them again.


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