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Thursday, December 01, 2005

bowling league

1st time playing league.

$15 for 3 games leh, where can afford to bowl every wed like that.

1st game: 146
2nd :168
3rd: 196

handicap of 10 pins whenever the next time i play league again.
190- 170 = 20

it's like a personal battle with the player from the other team, u're pitting your score against your opponent for every game and total pinfall also.
there are a total of 20pts at stake, everytime u face off with another team.
1st bowler(our team) game 1/2/3 pinfall vs 1st bowler(other team) game 1/2/3 pinfall for 1 pt for each game.
same goes for other bowlers in the team. (ie: each bowler(got 4 bowlers) has 4 pts at stake, and another 4 for team= 20pts)
total pinfall bowler 1/2/3/4(our team) vs bowler 1/2/3/4(other team) for 1 pt each.
plus each total team score for game1/2/3 vs other team score for game1/2/3 for 1 pt each.
and another pt for total overall team score.

we got 14 pts this wk. a decent no of pts. i just hope that we're all able to collect enuf pts at the end of the league to win sumthing.


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