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Monday, November 21, 2005

2 down, 4 more to go...

i'm supposed to be at science library, happily writing my helpsheet.


had to cut short my time in the library due to...

3 students who happily instead of mugging can spend all their time chatting.

i woke up pretty early(9am is early to me), packed all my stuff, all prepared to camp inside science lib til nite-fall. happily came to sci lib, found an empty table, sat down n started doing my work.

then out of nowhere, this male guy with a laptop finds his way to table beside me, and selected a seat directly diagonally left in front of me. i was thinking, ok, a guy with a laptop, there's not much he can disturb me rite?

thats when it all started to go down-hill..

1 guy with laptop=harmless
1 guy with laptop+girlfren=trouble
2 guys with laptop+1 girlfren=disaster zone

the laptop guy's girl fren came n sat beside him, n they started chit-chatting abt dunno wat non-stop, then when they stopped for a moment, i thought i was gonna have a few moments of peace, then another laptop guy came, sat directly infront of them n chatted with them.
well done...

i couldn't take it anymore and promptly left the lib.


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