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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I ordered vs What i was given

sorry for the long delay in updating this blog, been lazy(very lazy lately)

Visited the Pizza Hut Restaurent at Tampines Mall last week:

The service was very slow, i dunno if it's due to the lack of manpower or anything, but u can see a long queue outside the restarent but with many empty seats inside,

This is wat i ordered:

1 Large Cheesey Bites Fondue Pizza $26.90
1 Student Pasta Perfetto set, which consists of a Pasta, a soup of the day n a Pepsi $5.95

what i paid in total: $32.85
(after 10% service charge and 7% gst) $38.40

This is what i got on my table:

2 Regular Cheesey Bites Fondue Pizza $20.90 *2 = $41.80

(Not my fault, i ordered a Large one, they made a mistake when they served me some Large normal Pizza and then they gave me 2 Regular sized Cheesey bites Pizzas, even when i told them that i ordered one Large only, the waitress still told me that 2 regular Pizza = 1 Large Pizza, so i just take and eat, but in the end, we could not finish the Pizza and had to take-away the 2nd Pizza)

1 Basil Crayfish Pasta $14.90

(not my fault again, i asked the waitress what kind of Pasta i could choose with the Student set lunch, she say any Pasta, i instinctively ordered the most expensive one)

1 soup of the day and Pepsi $3

1 Garlic bread $3
(courtesy of the Manager who gave us this since they made a mistake with the order and took very long to get the order correct)

1 Fish-O $4.20
(Some NTUC member promo, spend $30 n get this free, it's just something like fish fingers)

Total cost of food on table: $66.90 (after tax n service charge : $78.30)

Over-view: a very worth it meal due to their mistake,(otherwise how would u be able to eat so many stuff on the table and only like pay half the price)

Down-side: waited approximately close to 2hrs , at least 30 mins queuing outside and 1hr of waiting for the Pizza, spent the last 30 mins eating. super waste of time.