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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ban Kgourmet cafe!

where n wat is it?

it's actually a cafe located inside pgp, it's juz opposite the lousy pgp food court which i also condemn.

things that i can accept:
u raise prices suddenly. u charge me $4 for a pizza at first, then 1 fine day i go, u charge me $4.50 without any notice.
thats okay, so as long, as u continue to maintian the standard of your food,(not to mention u're the nearest place selling food at 10pm) n i'll be willing to pay.

things that i cannot accept:
u make me wait a long time for my food, n u finally give me my take-away after dunno how long. then i bring the take-away to my room, i open up the pizza, take a bite, n spit the rest out instantly, cause i juz took a bite out of a burnt pizza.(the underside of the pizza was burnt)
i quickly re-packed the pizza n brought it back to the cafe.
the moment i show the pizza to the boss, the boss tries to "bluff" me saying the top of the pizza looks fine. i show u the burnt underside, while u reluctantly try to change a pizza for me.
u offer me a choice of spagetti or the same pizza, i choose to have the same pizza. then i sit down n wait. while hoping for cafe to pacify me by offering me a free upsize or wat-ever despite the time i spent waiting for your pizza+ travelling back n forth to the cafe. i checked the clock on my phone, n it was almost 30mins(from the 1st visit) since i first stepped into the cafe n ordered my food. i got so fed up, i simply asked for a refund, n decided to spend my $ elsewhere.

ppl say that i got nice temper, ie i dun get angry easily no matter who u suan me. u can make jokes abt my height, my hair, my dressing, the way i bowl n wat-ever.

but pls dun mess with my food.
i have a short fuse when it comes to food. esp when i'm hungry.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The $500 chicken rice

had 2 frens who strike lottry in mid-week. 1st one was jasmon, he won $1000 cause he buy $1 big, 2nd one is jun kai, he won $3000 cause he bought $1 big $1 small. the no that they won was 8111 which open 2nd prize in the mid-week lottery draw. the amazing thing was that they didnt agree b4 hand to buy the same no and they still won with the same no.

how did jasmon win?

he went to collect his 11B or green ic cause he lost it in Thailand. then he decided to bet on his ic no.

how did jun kai win?

he was making soccer bets when he didnt know wat to buy for the wed 4D draw then he walked out of the shop, n saw a car with the car plate no 8111, then decided to buy this no.

n the $500 chicken rice?

haha, here goes...

i went to pgp today to clean the room n bring the stuff that i would need to stay for the coming wk. after my mom n i finished cleaning the room, we had to travel back home. on the way back, since we had a lousy lunch at the pgp canteen, we decided to go to the maxwell hawker centre to eat the famous "tian tian chicken rice". i didnt know how to go, so my mom had to direct me there. on the way there, we passed by tanjong pagar, n my mom wanted to buy 4D but i stopped her, saying that she could always buy from near our house house. on the way to the maxwell food centre carpark, we saw a singapore pools outlet located inside 7-11. so i told my mom that she could buy there. when i was busy tearing the parking coupon, she had alreadi left for the singapore pools outlet. so i quickly went over to join her, i saw her queuing when i reach there, so decided to place small bet, on 1183 $1 big. then quickly join her in queue. when it was her turn, she had $3 left, so the auntie at the counter asked her if she wanted to purchase a lottery ticket. but my mom asked abt the prize $ for the monday toto draw, since i was beside her, i asked her to share a $3.50 system7 toto bet with me.

the auntie at the counter saw this, n asked me if i was of legal age, ie 18 yrs old or not. my mom was also laughing n told the auntie that i was very old alreadi. i quickly laughed, n took out my ic to show them. they were surprised to see that i was born in 1983 n was going to be 23 this yr. n since they checked my ic, i had the "ling gan" to buy 4D for my ic no. n at the same time, my mom asked me to place a bet on my year. so in the end, i bet $2 big on 1983 n $2 big on 2815.
the auntie at the counter was surprised to see me again, so i told her that i was buying my ic no. n the auntie was saying that if stirke muz treat her, haha. i readily agreed. she even asked me to buy my date of birth, but i didnt wan to buy anymore.

was rather tired by the time i got home, n took a short nap, by the time i woke up, it was alreadi 8pm, so the 1st thing i did was to turn on the tv to check the 4d results for today. then i saw 1983 in the middle of the screen, ie strike starter prize. i quickly woke my mom up to tell her the gd news. haha. so thats y it is the $500 chicken rice.

u learn sum-thing new everyday.

i juz found out that gals have an in-built radar that detects perverts or weird ppl(in their own views)

they can like beep beep,
guy A is normal...
beep beep
guy B is weird...
beep beep
guy C is a pervert....

n if it's proven,
ie they will have ways to compile his mistakes into chapters n publish into journal;
guy C = pervert, they will avoid him at all costs...


Friday, August 25, 2006


=mathematical methods 2
=lvl 3 maths mod
=can be used to clear major requirement

taught by Zhu chengbo.
the most legendary thing: no lecture notes.
2nd most legendary thing: no fixed text book.

this is wat the lecturer told us, search for these key words:" mathematical methods" "engineers, scientists"

no of students at start of the sem : 24
no of students at present : 17 (including me)

so a total of 7 students drop in the space of 1 wk, argh...

the seniors, juz thought that i'll post more pix from SOW. juz when i got the pix.

the freshies.

the whole toon-town house.

i will always remember that 5 pins

was bowling in the collegiate league masters yesterday. i think i did ok overall since it was a 8 game affair, i was basically having sore fingers while playing the 8th game.

the reason y i will remember those 5 pins is cause i fluffed/missed/any other adjective to describe miss the last frame on my final game, i had a spare on the 9th frame n basically juz had to get a high pin count n spare the last frame in order to get like 6th. then i threw my 1st shot.
i missed totally n got a stupid 5 pins. then nvm, i could have spared this n i could still be 6th, but i missed totally the 2nd time. sianz. so i onli got 5 pins on the last frame.

but luckily i still managed to come in at 10th. n later found out that the prize for the 6th to 10th is the same, ie a chocolate hamper. so basically it wont make much diff. maybe more on position n pride bah.

i think it was maybe cause i was too kan chiong. my fren decribed me as not having the big game mentality. ie i can onli play in the coca cola championship n will flop in the english premier league.

then i saw the new paper today, with a full page article on how temasek poly won the league. n how close a fight team nus put up. it was slighty exaggerated, cause we knew we could not catch them after we flopped one of the league sessions.

then i saw they had the masters results on the left column. but they onli put the top 5 positions. sianz. i was so close to seeing my name on the paper, haha.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

the Singapore 1 cent is no longer in circulation

the incident: the pizza delivery guy.

ordered a pizza from pizza hut, was asked to pay $35.02(after gst n such)
handed $50 to the guy,
delivery guy asked me for 2 cents.
i told him that there is no more 1 cent for Singapore.
guy looks at me with stunned look.
asked me again for 2 cents. ie"then my 2 cents how?"
"tried" explaining that Singapore no longer uses 1 cents, n told him to reflect back to his company.
guess he got fed-up n didnt wan to waste any more time on me n juz gave me back my change.
i still think that he must have thought i was some stingy bugger who didnt wan to pay 2 cents to him.
but i must stress that i'm absolutely correct in stating that there is no more Singapore 1 cent as it is no longer in circulation.

Friday, August 18, 2006

confusion over faculty requirements

as a science student, i must clear several mods from other groups besides my own core mods, ie pc mods- physics dept
lsm mods-life science dept
cz mods- computational science

the confusion arises from cz1102 which i took before in yr1 sem1
the mod is listed as a core mod in my major requirements list.
this is the all amzing qn that got everybody stunned:

is cz1102 counted as a fac req or as a core mod or as both? if so, the modular credits would be given to which area then?

i asked around, some ppl say can some ppl say cannot, but the best is my fren's fren(dunno who) even thought the modular credits would be double counted. n took 1 less mod during his yr 2.

this is the official reply from Science dean's office:
the module cz1102 is double counted both sides as fac req n core mod, but the mc can onli be used for either fac req or core mod but not both, so u still need 120 mc for graduation, n will need to take other mods to replace the lost mc.

this was my biggest worry:
cz1102 can onli be used as core mod, then was trying to get it1003 to be counted as fac req, but found out that cannot, then kan cheong, wan to drop n take other mod ie:pharmacy mod to confrim clear the fac req thingy but found out that module bidding closed, ho sei liao, super worried, thought i wasting one lvl 1000 mod on it1003, thought of appealing to get mod. then trying to fix a new timetable n such.

but in the end, a simple reply from dean's office was all i needed.

bloody hell, this stupid thing cost me one sleepness nite, okay?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

there goes my free day.

juz when i was hoping for a free day, my lecturer onli opens 5 tut time slots, n out of these 5 timeslots 2 is on a monday which clashes with my other mods, while the other 3 are on wed, which is supposed to be my free day.


feels really strange to be back in sch, not mentally prepared bah? slack too much already. haiz...

my 1st lesson for this sem was ma2215, linear programming. it was supposed to be ma1100 basics of maths, but i skipped it to go for bowling training. was slightly lost initially, cause of all the funny symbols n such, but slowly caught a little of wat it really was.

Monday, August 14, 2006

moving off to meet our sp.

playing secret pal.waiting in LT32.

more 1st day pix!

our og on the 1st day sow! on the src track as there was a fire drill.

and let our powers combine!

our og banner! we won best banner!

the start of another sem

time realli flies, one moment i'm happily enjoying myself in sow, the next moment it's the start of another sem already.

sow=science orientation week(for those non-sci ppl)

things that happened so far in sow:
there was the 1st day of ice-breakers n simple games.
followed by another day of buddy-og games.
n the last day of war games between houses.
then the break.
n the freshman inaugration ceremony on monday.
national day break.
flag day.
sp dinner.
rag day.

n not forgetting the many things that happened in between.

wat made the 1st day so significant?

i would say the fire-drill, this is the 1st fire-drill in my whole sci fac career. juz when everyone is happily playing ice-breakers then suddenly, ring....
most og's took the opportunity to take a few pix.

the second day:

juz when everyone's short on sleep.
there was the jap movie, Re-incarnation. which freaked out some ppl.(including pei ying who screamed so loud, everyone stared at her for a moment)
n fright nite disguised as cluedo.

day 3 was war games.
it was not very eventful until a certain incident.
there was a rather loud ogl from another house which some of my frens dun like. i was particularly quite neutral towards this person until 2 particular incidents.
n this is the 1st incident.
we were playing war games n it was inter-house games. but it seemed that it was between my house toon-town n offshore who were battling alone.
n when this particular person brought water-bombs to attack our area, i successfully snatched one water bomb from this person. n the moment i got the water bomb, this person started to kao bei kao bu(cry father cry mother) abt how i'm not supposed to snatch the water bomb n such. i was stunned n decided to return the water bomb n quickly find another person to foil their attack.

the 2nd incident was more recent, fri afternoon to be exact.
we were making our way to mpsh6 to do the final mass-dance session with our sp.
since we're at s13, the fastest way to src was to take the lift at s12.
n so i was helping my freshies hold the lift door, while they entered the lift.
the lift was quite full when that particular person appeared with his/her fren.
they saw that i was holding the lift-door open n the lift was filled with my freshies.
n they still happily entered the lift,
in the end, when it was my turn to enter the lift, the lift's over-weight bell rang,
n i had to take the stairs instead. i dun mind taking the stairs, but it's the way that some ppl try to squeeze into a lift without their ppl/og inside with no regard to the person holding the lift-door open.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

flag day

i muz confess, this is my 1st time doing flagging in my whole nus life.

the first time i went for sow, they told my og that we didnt have to go flagging cause they didnt have enuf t-shirts, so we ended up going to watch a movie, i still remember the movie, it was the village, n it was a lousy movie.

the 2nd time, i missed out was because i was busy playing mj? i'm not very sure myself but i do know that i missed out on sow that yr cause i didnt know there was sow, somehow.

the 3rd time, i got to flag cause got freshies didnt come, so we got extra t-shirts. n since no other senior wanted to flag, so i had to take up the task of flagging.

experience learnt from flagging:
chinatown is a lousy place to flag. cause u mostly see old ppl n some not very sane somemore.
ppl wearing suits or dress nicely are actually very stingy.
the most stingy ppl are foreigners. cause not a single foreigner donated to me.
if u wan ppl to donate, u muz keep pestering them.
y do u bother to donate if u dig out a handful of coins but onli donate ten cents?

most memorable donation side-story:

was flagging beside Maxwell food centre, was standing at the junction asking ppl to donate but mostly end up with a lot of rejections. as it was a traffic junction, there were cars stopping at the junction. then once when there was a red light n there were several taxis stopping by the junction, there was one particular comfort taxi driver, who waved at me. i approached his taxi and he winded down his passenger window n ask me to put my donation can in before donating $1. i kept thanking him while he kept commenting on how stingy some ppl were as they didnt even bother to donate ten cents, haha. wat a kind taxi-uncle!

the stingy ppl: dig out wallet to show me donation sticker, not to donate more $.
take longer route to avoid flaggers, like see ghost like that.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

genting day 2 + day 3

i better finish up this series of genting posts. else i'll forgot abt them.

went to the casino for the 3rd time on day 2 afternoon, went on winning streak, won rm400 at 1 pt, then started to bet recklessly after seeing profit(meaning placing rm100 bets happily like nobody's biz)
went negative rm200 at one pt, but pulled it back to positive rm50 again after a couple of lucky rounds.

status check: net positive rm50

after i got back my rm50, i decided to stop, so i watched for a few rounds while other ppl went abt betting at the table. got sianz, n decided to leave, the moment i left the table, triple six appeared, wah heng ah, cause if got triple anything, the banker will eat your bet no matter if u bet big/small or odd/even, this is the house advantage for dice.

casino part 4
went to the casino @ ard 0030 of day 3

went back to the same table, saw a guy with a huge stack of rm500 chips, saw him place his few thousand dollar bet on big(cause felt he got the high-roller type of feel ah), decided to follow him with a rm50 bet.

but then this round open small.
nah beh....

nvm, went to another table, bet on small with another rm50 chip. then the same high-roller guy suddenly appear out of no-where, stretched out a hand n placed his few thousand dollar bet on small on the same table.

i was thinking:" ho sei liao, this time confrim lose already"

n sure enuf, the round opened big.
super big nah beh......

carried on playing a little here n there, went down(negative) n never climbed up again, got to like 80% going to reach level ground(no win no lose),

in the end, i stopped when i lost rm100 net.
status check:minus rm100

Genting day 2 morning

woke up at 3am to go casino to gamble.

cause our fren told us that the ppl at the casino are in the middle of their graveyard shift, n at this time, they're supposed to be tired and it'll make it easier (so called) for us to win $.

i cant remember the exact sequence of my betting, but then we were lucky to get places at the dice table, n started to record statistics on wat has opened so far.

changed rm100 of chips this time round.
decided to play higher stakes.
bet rm25 each time. n double up with each win.
meaning bet 25, if win put 50, if lose still bet 25
stop after 3 times.

went on a winning streak at first, was net positive at least rm100++.
then my luck went on a rollercoaster ride, win some, lose some,
decided to stop as was tired n didnt wan to push luck too much. as my frens didnt wan to leave, i left the casino alone.

status check: net +ve rm50

a rather interesting sidestory:
as i was walking out of the casino, the moment i step out of the casino n was abt to get on the escaltor. there were 2 ladies by the side of the escaltor, i didnt get a good look at their faces, but could notice their heavy make up, n assumed that they're in their late twenties at least or even early thirties.

when i was like five steps away from the escaltor, one of the ladies asked me this qn:
"xian shen, yao bu yao xiu xi?" (translation: mister, do u need some rest?)

was momentarily stunned(i was approached by a prostitute?!?), but managed to regain my composure by rejecting them n continuing on my journey back to my hotel room.

but thats not all....

there was one final esclator that i muz take in order to reach the lobby of first world hotel.
n on the side of the escaltor got several middle-aged men leaning by the railing of the escaltor.
then juz as i was going to reach the escaltor(again)

one of the uncles asked me this qn:
"lao ban, yao bu yao xiao jie?" (translation: boss, do you need girl?)

was momentarily stunned-part 2(i was approached by a pimp this time round?!? wat the??) rejected the guy n continued on my journey back to the hotel room.

reached my room in one piece(n alone) n went to sleep.

Genting day 1

reach genting, check in hotel. put stuff. eat at kenny rogers.

plus side: kenny roger's @ genting is cheaper than in spore
negative side: the food's not as nice as spore's, they dun serve ice water(wats wrong with simply giving ppl some water to drink?)

conclusion: eat at spore better, the savings in $ do not make up for the lack in quality of the food.

1st visit to casino.
watched frens play at the dice table, then took out a rm50 note n changed for rm10 chips.
1st bet: bet rm10 on big
open small
2nd bet:bet rm 10 on even
open odd
3rd bet: sian already, bet rm30 on big
open small.

ok, so decided not to push luck anymore n call it a day.(for now)

we ended up gambling between ourselves in the hotel room before we had our dinner.
haiz, so lan du(gamble too much).

Friday, August 04, 2006

Genting plus SOW

was at Genting for 3 days 3 nites, a rather eventful trip, i must say. but details will have to wait. too tired to go on n on abt the trip.

it's 4am n i'm still awake, die lah...

now at Science Orientation Week.