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Monday, May 29, 2006

ikea's over-rated....

in my personal opinion

juz been to ikea yesterday, was expecting more like more furniture choices, but just walked into a very confusing store with signs pointing here n there but not to the exit.
but the only good thing abt ikea is that there are many gals there, but too bad most are with their bf or those very young mothers or those rich tai tai-s to be..

still cant find the chair i want for my room, keep seeing those computer chairs with wheels underneath. been trying to find those inside the school library, with cushioned back rest, arm-rest, n no wheels, anyone know where i can find them?


lousy luck...

lost quite a lot in mj...
n was whacked quite helplessly...
meaning: 3 ppl "zi mo" max tai except me

when will my house be fully renovated?
meaning totally no more additions here n there. no more workers coming...
n no more cleaning....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

seems forever

but finally my house is almost complete, there's electricity, hot water, internet...
(ppl seem to take these things for granted, but when u have a house undergoing renovation, u'll understand how difficult it is to get those connections up)

at first it was like some kampong house for a couple of plugs lying around on the floor with those light bulbs that u're supposed to hang on the walls but have no choice put to connect them on the floor.

must even ask gabriel(thx again!) to help me check my results yesterday, no big surprises, improved my cap by 0.05 which is almost insignificant.
but glad to return to the normal life of 5 modules instead of a crazy year with 6 mods in each sem. resigned to the fate of 3 yrs in NUS, n byebye.
dun think any more effort is gonna drastically move my cap anywhere.

the furniture's done, it had to be fixed over a course of 2 days. the house looks better now, left some minor touching up to do here n there. electricity plugs here n there, couple of holes in the wall. paint this patch paint that corner.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


juz saw the channel 8 news reporting a break-in robbery at some neighbourhood minimart
he was saying on national tv thats he does not wan his family to know
national tv
wat are the odds that none of your family members will be watching the news?
"smacks head in disbelief"

if anyone still does not know,
my house is undergoing renovation, so there's no electricity in the house save for a couple of plugs conected from outside
this is the main reason why i'm so busy n y there's no regular posting.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

internet access

n finally there was internet....
long story....

will get into details IF free.
been super busy lately. today also.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

no more exams!

no more exams!
+ many more!!!!


Monday, May 01, 2006

2 more exams

there are times when your grade depends on what u can actually squeeze into your help sheet
thats what i feel.

wrote a total of 6 helpsheets this sem
2 for mid -terms n 4 for exams
n there comes a time when u get so sick of trying to squeeze EVERYTHING into a small column
initially thought it was cool to have as many help-sheets as possible for an exam
but there will also come a time when u find out that's actually nothing left to write
especially if u have like 8 A4 sized papers of help sheets to complete
(no, i still dun have that many but i heard it from some other ppl taking other modules)
but i must endure,
only two more exams
this is what i keep reminding myself

the fire alarm/dunno what alarm going off now is not helping my cause.
the "nice" weather means that i have to eat at the "nice" pgp canteen later.
stormy weather= cool weather but not nice to travel in.