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Monday, March 27, 2006

i doubt anyone who reads this will believe me...

i dun believe it myself too...

i sprained my neck while climbing stairs.
at arts fac no less, haiz...

alighted from A2 internal shuttle bus at Biz fac,
walked from the bus-stop, pass the law library to the side of arts fac,
climbed a short flight of stairs beside LT15
when i reached the top of the stairs, felt a little pain on the side of my neck.
kaoz, n thats how i sprained my neck.

the pain was still ok. but worsened after i got back to pgp
then i decided to skip my other lectures
n go home to see a chinese sinseh,
the chinese sinseh was like pushing my neck to the right,
same goes for the left also,
then he left me on some nerve machine, which transmitted electric impulses to the nerves.
then to top it off, he pasted some medicinal patch on it.

sidenote:my fren commented that i sprained my neck while looking at gals at arts fac no less, haha....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Group pix for PC1326 project, it's a lousy module, avoid it if u can... there's a super EGOISTIC lecturer teaching this mod, trust me, he really very very ego. from left, Yi boh, Jian kai. me, Yao hui n Li xiang.

This is Yao hui, making a pose for our project...(maybe i'll try this pix with the face recognition thingy n see wat i'll get, haha...)

u are not destined to strike it rich when...

ok i didnt exactly missed the 1st prize or wat-ever, but juz missed out on a starter prize or $250, i bet $2 on the 4D no 1534 and the no that won was 4513

which means i got the 4 digits but they juz were in the wrong position, but after hearing wat really happened, you might juz start to wonder if i'm really not destined to be strike it rich.

stopped by at Geylang to takeaway hokkien mee to bring back to pgp,
mom n dad went to queue to buy 4D
went to order n wait for hokkien mee
came back juz in time to see mom at counter buying 4D
told her to help me buy 1534 $2 big
she was telling the uncle at the counter to key in the no, when the uncle was trying to confrim the no.
mom was telling the uncle big(da4 in chinese) and it sounds like permutate (or da1 in chinese)
the uncle was like asking big or permutate to my mom, n i was like beside her.

so technically IF my mom or i told the uncle to permutate, i would have been $250 richer[actually it would be $226, cause $250-$24(24 permutations)]

$$$ thats not meant to be yours is really not meant to be....

temporary liverpool fan

was never a big fan of liverpool, esp of the way they play n how they became euro champ, still cant n dun believe that they're euro champs, even now...

lost $50 on liv last wk end, got it back yesterday.
bet $10 each on liverpool to win
2-1 (odds:$6.80)
3-0 (odds:$9)
3-1 (odds:$7.80)

turned the tv on on the second half to find out that the score is 2-1 n gerrard got sent off in 1st half,
tore the 3-0 ticket
saw eveton reduced to 10 men also,
was thinking:"yes!..."
saw kewell score 3rd liv goal...
was going:"oh yes!!!"
n tore the 2-1 ticket.
saw alonso shooting on goal in the 91st min.
was going:"omg, u bloody idiot, why are u still trying to score...!!! stupid alonso...!!"
saw shot blocked by goalkeeper.
was thinking:"whew..."

juz betting for fun, u know $5 here, $10 there, casual bets...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

damon looks like park ji sung, haha...

haha, another funny result, alvin looks like tsui hark, rachel looks like debrorah kerr n shao kai looks like stephen fry(who's that?), haha...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i look like owen wilson?

i look like owen wilson? haha... juz trying out this face recognition thingy. it scans your picture and mathes it with it's database to find out whose face u actually look most like. i did try it a few more times with other pictures, but then the results were terrible, so they were withheld for reasons of privacy. haha. trust me, u dun wanna see the other results...
it says i look like owen wilson. i click next pix, and it says i look like david beckham, haha(louder laughter..), owen wilson's fine... i'm not complaining. try it now at myheritage


l officially wasted 3 hours slacking. travelling to arts to pick up my calculator, eat at arts(anti-sci food) reading newspapers in the central library n now typing this on johann's laptop.

yao hui juz asked me if i was interested in going Europe after the exams,
cost: ard $4000
it'll be a 20-day trip to London, Amsterdam, Rome, Munich n dunno where else.
the biggest concern is $.
my parents may loan me the money, but i think they will have to spend too much $ as the are gonna spend ard $20 000 for the renovation on the house.
i predict i'll spend more than $4000 if i actually go cause i'm a big eater...

then i saw a promo by NUH for lasik surgery, $2700 for the whole package.
if i have to choose,
i'll rather pick the surgery over the vacation as the surgery would be more benificial in the long run. i've been wearing glasses since primary sch, and not a big fan of glasses. did try contacts for a yr but they are that helpful in reading the lecture slides esp if u always sit in the back. not to mention the troublesome thing about contacts is the dryness after u wear it for long hours, and u have to put them on and such.

the calm before the storm, this was taken in the library an hour before the Analysis test.

this is actually my Analysis helpsheet, it was not of much use to my test anyway.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Fact: White tea is not white.

the actual concert, the concert hall looks really unglam as compared to the one at the esplanade. was supposed to watch with another fren but kenna "release aeroplane"

Random pix

concert tix stub from 2 weeks ago. fren asked me to buy cause he was performing.

no more tests....?

juz finished my complex analysis not too long ago, that was my last mid-term test. the qns were mostly similiar to past sem's one, so thats a good thing. juz cant remember how to do a certain qn that appeared in the tutorials.

now i'm left with 2 more essays...
1 super lenghty 2500 history essay and another genes n society one.
the genes one should be easy...

chelsea lost, yes! haha... sorry Damon..., i'm not a Chelski fan.
didnt bowl well last sat anyway, think may need to re-train myself, maybe more intensive personal bowling training? or maybe some new equipment? bu it still comes down to the $.
show me the money...

side note, i wanted to bet $10 on chelsea to win 2-0
but due to my mistake, i betted on fulham to win 2-0 instead.
i usually dun re-check my betting slips after i leave the counter, and juz put them into my wallet but then i was looking through the betting slips, and saw unsually high odds for a certain match. it was fulham to win 2-0, the odds where as high as 1:50, i bet $10, so the payout was $500.
so i juz asked the auntie to cancel the ticket and re-bet on chelsea instead.
and so when i was checking livescore and espn's gamecast, and saw fulham go 1-0 up, i went semi-ballistic. omg... yikes, i would have earned quite a bit if they(fulham) really won 2-0, so every now and then i was clicking the refresh button. hoping to see that the score remained 1-0, else i would kick myself for being so extra...

Friday, March 17, 2006

discovered a new way to watch anime

you can actually watch anime on youtube.com
just search the anime you want, in this case, i'm watching gundam seed destiny.
i know there's tsubasa chronicle also but then i forgot which episode i stopped on.
i'm not sure of wat other anime they have(lazy to search)

bowling sucks my $ dry everytime...

bowling = expensive sport, training fees are already a killer not including the travelling costs n time used to travel.

will be spending at least $50 on bowling alone this week. $8 on training on tues, $5 on cab fare on tues as it was past 11, there is no way i can travel back to pgp on public transport at such a time, $17 for today's training as coach fees included, plus another $20 this sat for the nus-ntu showdown, some mini bowling competition between nus n ntu.

Where is my $ gonna come from?
still awaiting the govt's bonus...
dunno how much i'll actually get, but predict at least a few hundred dollars...

i'm supposed to posting more pix but think i'm juz plain lazy.
analysis test down, left with complex on mon. that should be the last mid-term test, but got 1 project n 2 essays due after that.

n pretty soon, it's time for exams already...

Monday, March 13, 2006

lack of sleep+ kenna "scolded"

i'm barely awake now, half asleep, think at most 3 hours of sleep last night, spent most my time yesterday writing an Essay that is like due in 40 mins time from now.

I was roughly almost complete with by essay by midnight this morning, but had to spend another 2 hours on how to conclude.

was hoping for a peaceful day, not really was "scolded" but it was like more of having someone raising his or her voice at you.

was trying to get the machine at central lib to read my cashcard, encountered some probs as the machine refused to accept my cashcard. was wondering if it was some value problem. saw a gal topping up her cashcard, asked her VERY politely to help me top up my cashcard while i offered to pay her back in cash.
she didnt hear me the first time, and i asked her again in a polite manner.
Then she took off her earphones and asked me wat i wan(in english), in a raised tone. i would like to think that the raised tone of her voice is due to her earphones. but the fact that's it only 9 something in the morning, me being half-awake-half asleep, this sorta turn into a rude awakening.
she "claimed" she didnt understand what i was say the second time.
so i asked her a third time,
and again she claimed that she didnt understand wat i was trying to say and walked away.

i'm a little hesitant to use the bitch word on her so early in the morning. but i cant possibly be all that bad in english til somebody else can tell me that he or she dun understand i single word i say. i could be murmuring to myself early in the morning, since i have nothing better to do.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Pgp, there is no way, i'm gonna take part in this fire drill, and it just so happens that i went home on wed n bowled for my league. haha, take that pgp.

i've said this b4, n i'm gonna say this again. pgp is juz a place to stay. there's really no "life" underneath it's condo-like exterior. i've complained about the food, complained abt the "no life" n now i'm gonna complain about it's residents, its dumb system.( n wat ever else i can think of)
there's a fridge located on every floor or cluster for that matter. n there happens to be ppl who simply use the fridge to store god-knows-watever. i've seen the same stuff inside for at least a month, n nobody makes an effort to clear their unwanted stuff.
i'm not a big user of the fridge, but i simply use it to chill small items like packet drinks.
n it juz so happens that i got one of my milo packets "stolen".
the person who stole my stuff muz be someone on the same floor or cluster, as there is no way to enter another cluster. n the fact that the person would steal something belonging to his neighbour speaks volumes about the character of the person. it's not the value of the stuff stolen but the way u simply take something that does not belong to u. i kinda juz let the matter go to rest, as there's no need to raise a fuss over something so worthless or cheap for that matter.

n i'm rather unhappy over the way the uni admin attempts to paint a rosy picture of nus, by featuring their spanking new Admin building n PGP inside the banners to advertise NUS open house. No student goes to the admin building, maybe except the Spinelli there. n y muz they feature PGP inside their banner? most local students dun actually stay there, they stay in hall. plus it's the foreign students who are the ones really staying at PGP.
i dun see anyone claiming this:
"PGP is fun, I stay at PGP, i'm so happy to stay at PGP, the food at PGP is fantastic"

still in school.

nope, i'm not mugging in school but rather waiting for the concert at UCC-University Concert centre to start.
it's some NUS piano Ensemble thing, n my fren's performing in it.
he sorta 'forced " me to buy tix from him...

aiyah, where can say until like that?
i should state it as showing support for fren.

i've got an 1500 word essay due on mon, n i've not even started anything on it, ah....
i'm worried but not to the extent that i'll freak out or "start to worry endlessly"...
maybe the worrying will come on sunday instead...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

n this is the AFTER pic. u dun see this with pgp food.

Holland village fish meat bee hoon, this is Confrim not pgp food. this is the BEFORE pic.

the satisfied look of a person NOT eating pgp food.

Monday, March 06, 2006

ppl who talk loudly

there is this specific group of ppl, who have the amazing ability to strike a conversation and dive into the topic almost suddenly/immediately and be oblivious to the ppl around he/she who can hear their conversation word for word.

the endless stuff u hear on board the nus shuttle buses...

i heard some guy describing some dream he had about last nite regarding some ghost kid at some playground, it's not that i intentionally meant to eavesdrop on his conversation but it juz so happens that he's standing beside of my seat n describing his dream in great detail.( n loudly, no less)

i'm glad i dun have such weird dreams, i do have more practical ones. ie like striking lottery, had some dream on sat nite about this set of numbers appearing in the 4D draw on sunday. i then went to buy the same set of nos on sunday. but it juz so happens that the no didnt appear, but as a sidenote, my father did strike 4D, strange huh?
but not with the same set of nos i dreamed off lah.

i guess the dream could be a practical representation of my Real life where i eagerly anticipate a windfall of some sort. hey, who's not interested in striking lottery?
and yes, i do have a Singapore Big sweep ticket in my wallet now, haha...

but thats all, i dun buy 4D for every draw n toto for that matter, i also hardly buy big sweep tickets.

test tomolo

yikes, i have another test tomolo. n i'm here blogging, argh...
super-pissed off with the LT32 thingy.

find it hard to settle/calm down the pissed off feeling...

half-shocked when i downloaded my lecture notes for gene n soc, 234 slides....

print 2 slides on 1 page= 234/2 = 117 pages
can u imagine how thick that is?

print 4 slides on 1 page= 234/4 = 59 pages...
still an insane amount of pages to print...

i need more motivation to study, lagging behind by a lot(not kidding) and was supposed to mug yesterday, but ended up slacking most of the time.

i hate LT32...

super hate this LT as it's located on some mountain and i have to climb dunno how many flights of stairs just to reach this LT.

and i hate it even more today caused i climbed all the way up but found that there's no lecture today, argh...


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

My fren was trying to auction off a new Nokia 7260 phone on yahoo auctions, he was asking for SGD$530. but there was this person nicknamed(Dare Alaba) who initially offered to pay Euro$1100 for it, but lowered it to SGD$1100 after "careful re-consideration"

This person claimed that he was from UK and doing some biz and needed to ship some phones to Africa, the high price was including shipping fees, so the condition was that my fren had to ship the phone to Africa and this person would pay through some online payment system(Escrow in particular) This person asked my fren to create an account and promised to pay after receiving the shipping receipt.

my fren googled and found that this was actually a scam, aka the person would pretend to pay, but the Escrow site would be a mirror and a fake, so there would be no transfer at all, or after receiving the shipping receipt, the person would not pay.

i even saw my fren chatting with this scammer. the person was like pressing my fren for the shipping receipt. n promised to pay after getting the shipping receipt, n when my fren asked to be paid in advance, the person said that he already transferred the $ over.

True/False Qns are supposed to be easier than MCQ, rite?

went through some 30 qn mcq n T/F test this afternoon,
technically it should be a breeze but then....

it seems that the true/false Qns are harder than those mcq ones.
by right, each true/false Qn has a probability of 50% of being correct as compared to MCQs with 5 choices, aka 20% of being correct.
but then the Qns are phrased in such a tricky manner than it seems that answering True may not be entirely true after all.

sample qns:

"A protein crystal is made from only one protein molecule, True or False?"

"When water turns into ice, it's molecular structure is changed, True of False?"

Full recess week...(finally..)

For all those nus students, we can finally enjoy a full 5-day break starting from AY06/07. we all those non-nus students, NUS has a super dumb mid-term break system which starts on a sat and ends on a thurs, the fri is then a school day, this causes confusion on the odd even week system for the remainder of the semester, as the new week starts from fri, dumb rite?

lecturers n students have been complaining abt this even since, and the response from the admin side has always been very troublesome. aka look at this:

The University Administration had indicated willingness to make a change but however, explained that it was not a straightforward process of simply increasing the number of days of recess. This is because the decision will also affect the workflow for the rest of the year. For example, increasing the number of days for the recess would overlap into the Special Term, the MINDEF black out period for National Service, the examinations period, the marking period, the commencement period, and so forth. Thus, restoring the full recess week required much planning.
(taken from e-mail that the student union president sent)

wow, i didnt know that one day would make so much of a difference.
the next one is taken from the uni admin:

Week Current Calendar Proposed Calendar
1 – 6 Begins on Monday Begins on Monday
Recess Begins on Saturday; Begins on Saturday;

ends on Thursday (i.e. 6 days) ends on following Sunday (i.e. 9 days)

look carefully: they counted saturday and sunday in also, but technically theres no lessons on sat n sun. the 3 extra days are actually inclusive of sat n sun. this makes the admin look nicer rite?

IRONICALLY, this change in the admin came about after all the woo-ha about the fee hike increase. it seems as if this is a ploy by the admin to soften us, aka they raise fees but give extra 3 days(including sat n sun!) of holidays.