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Sunday, August 28, 2005

" Ha!, You were taking a catnap!" cartoon pix from Leo Cullum. check out the new pix i uploaded from the SSO concert at the esplanade. click on the flickr thingy on the sidebar.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

1st concert ever

time to talk about the 1st concert i attended, it's a totally different experience from those normal school/hall or wat-ever concerts that u've attended outside, the atmosphere is really unique, just to sit in the concert hall and listen to someone perform. i always expected my 1st ever concert to be somewhere along the line of the SSO of sumthing like that. but oh well,

the esplanade presents:
Pipes and Pedals: Jane Parker-Smith in Concert "Virtuoso!"

okay, i may know nothing about the classical stuff she's playing, but did really enjoy the 1st piece she played.

Alexandre Guilmant
Morceae de Concert(Op 24)

even though it was really a long piece, 13:00, was rather impressed with the way she played this piece. then was a little lost for the rest of the concert, didnt fall asleep, but didnt really enjoy/understand the rest of the music.(pipe organ leh)
then at the end of every piece, she'll bow to us while we clap to show our apperciation.

at the end of the concert, we had to keep clapping while she decides if she shall play an encore for us or not, but the thing i dun understand is y she muz bow to us after playing then go to the back stage, then come out bow again, then go back again then finally come back out to play her encore pieces.

ive got another concert to attend, it's a piano one somemore leh, this time it's:

Daimler Chrysler Great Classics
Presented by Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Friday, August 26, 2005

this is really an un-lucky day for the owner of this car.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

over-hyped IT fair

was tricked into travelling to MPSH to look at the IT fair, nothing much at all, i expected like many many vendors, with more people and a bustling atmosphere, and wat did i see? over-zealous vendors happily "forcing" leaflets to u. i can like basically like glance through the hall and count the no of vendors mentally(maybe a little close to 30), thats how pathetic it is, there's the usual Singtel booth, Canon n the laptop vendors for 2005, boring....

as i was walking to the bus stop with Yao Hui, we noticed a car kenna clamped cause the guy(i presume) parked in some reserved lot, haha, blood sway man this fellow, then attached to the clamp is this cone with the following message "Your vehicle is clamped. Please contact security at tel: XXXX XXXX" could not resist taking a few pix of this car with the clamp n the sign, and at the same time, i took a good look at the car number plate and went to buy 4D: 7583. hope there's some really gd luck left in this car after all.

attended my 1st concert(Esplanade concert some more leh, dun play play) in all my 21 yrs. feel so proud now, haha, like suddenly become more high-class, like ability to enjoy classical music double like that. will write more on another entry.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Another cartoon pix from Leo Cullum, disclaimer: i'm by no way related to this Leo guy, juz so happens that i borrowed a book with his cartoons from the library, n decided to place pix of his cartoons online on my blog, to add a little more humour element to an otherwise dull n boring blog.

$34.85 worth of medicine, features the all "pow-derful" cough syrup, bottle of nasal spray(for senstive nose), super big, green lozanges (the normal small white ones are not "pow-derful enuf"), antibiotics n those small tiny, yellow tablets for blocked noses. 34.85 will remember this for the rest of my uni life, maybe will go buy 4D, tomolo got 4D draw, can consider, haha...

$34.85 , "nice" bill, argh...

lecturer with an attitude

juz when for a changing landscapes(arts fac) lecture, the 1st one i attended, although it's already week 3, reason: the 1st week lecture was cancelled by default(national day), i missed the 2nd one due to not feeling well n reluctance to come to sch, there was a make-up lecture on wed evening, but i gave it a miss as it'll be recorded n stored online, so i can juz go home n watch it in the comfort of my home.(darn, y cant all lectures be placed online?)

the lecture was talking abt national monuments, and were looking for Americans to recognise the Lincoln memorial hall pic she had on her lecture in her class, she saw some caucasians somewhere in the middle but they were British. so she started to ask the class again if there were any Americans in the class, and when she noticed that there were no Americans in her class(maybe there were, and they juz wanted to ignore her) Then she called the "invisible"(if any) Americans : "Cowards."

nice response, i would say.

on a lighter note, managed to get a computer terminal rather easily at the central library,(thats y i can type this entry now) , instead of the usual walking around aimlessly, breathing down people's neck so that people will give out their comp terminal for me to use. there was this person who called out to me while i was still searching for a comp,i was looking around to make sure that this person was really calling out to me, and not some other person, i was trying hard to recall if i knew this person from memory, but this person promptly told me that she's leaving soon and i could use the comp if i wan. didnt expect this to happen, oh well, there ARE nice people around in nus after all. i sometimes wonder if i can be a nice as the previous user b4 me.

Monday, August 22, 2005

sick again?

down with flu again, argh... but more amazing is the cost of the prescription i got from the nus doctor, $30++, this medicine better be very good. pay so much $, almost like eating gold, argh...

students should give more respect to lecturers

there this certain maths module that i have to take, and with the stupid cors thingy that nus have in place, u have to select and rank the tutorial slots that you wan. and so for this particular module, the lecturer was supposed to open 5 tutorial classes but due to dunno wat ever reasons, he had to reduce it to 3 classes instead. and only the timing for the 1st 2 classes were fixed, and so the lecturer had to get the rest of the students without a tutorial group to gather after the lecture and discuss which timeslot they(the students) could make it for tutorial.and so the lecturer went down the list,
he went something like this:
"monday 0900-1000 all free?"
"okay we try monday 1000-1100?"

the lecturer carried on til he used up all the available timeslots that he could find. and in a moment of desperation he suggested 8-9pm wed or thurs.most of the students agreed to this particular late timeslot but there was this certain student who objected to having late lessons.she, (yes it was a female student) went on to rebuke the lecturerby saying

"Sir, you are being very unreasonable. i stay in hall and need to go back to hall to do stuff, Sir you never stay in hall, you dunno what's it like."
and when the lecturer asks if the class can make it for friday 8-9pm, this particular student objected again. she went
" Sir, friday cannot, friday is my major major major major major activity that i must go one"(yes she repeated the word major many time to stress her pt)and to appease everyone, the lecturer decided to cut the tutorial into 2 parts and hold it 25mins after his twice-a-week lecture.

if i were the lecturer, i would simply tick the student off and ask her this" studies more important or hall activities?"students NOWs-adays ah... sigh...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

"It's absolutely true that 1 Fedex driver is equal to 3 mailmen." another cartoon pix from leo cullum. dun think there'll be daily undates on this, but i try to make it a weekly one.

another screen of death from cors, thanks nus n many thanks to cors for the wonderful experience in bidding and balloting for tutorials, i'm sure i have become a better and well-rounded person after fighting with the cors server for at least 5 hrs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ok slowly now, moving my mouse to the orange rank tutorial choices button, ok, slowly click on the orange button, ok, pray now, the server seems to be loading... bloody hell, the white screen of death again, argh... stupid NUS server...

the white screen of death. u would imagine a "world-class" university to have better computer servers than to keep showing us this. been struggling to enter the NUS CORS server since 9am, encountered dunno how many problems(blood pressure shoots up, start to tear hair in fustration...) and juz when u think u finally reach the "holy" tutorial registration site, the NUS server shows u this pic.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

she's not ranked no 1 for blurness for nothing

i'm amazed by how blur per yi can be. she never fails to amaze me or her frens. okay, today was an og outing for Batman, a science orientation group which i crashed near the end. we went to fish n co near park mall for dinner. the most interesting events occured after the dinner as we parted ways and started to make our way to the mrt station.

shocker 1:
she asks the whole grp as we're abt to enter the mrt station " where's north?"

okay, then alvin had to show her the mrt stations map n point out to her where's north. as we're about to enter the mrt gates, we were like discussing who's going north, west, east n so on... then she say she wanna go woodlands, we tell her to follow shao kai n alvin who are both travelling up north the mrt north-south line.

shocker 2:
she starts to count the no of stations to woodlands from dhoby ghaut if she travels north up the north south line, VS the no of stations if she travels west to jurong west and then up north again.

shocker 3:
arthur blames pei yi for delaying us when we miss a south-bound train, she laughes at us, saying that we miss the train not her, hello, we missed the train cause we spent 3 mins telling u where north was and where u should travel to.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

what happened on wed...

wed was my 1st day back in sch proper as a student to attend lectures, as i still have not printed any notes, i decided to make a trip down to central library to print my notes, i hate printing notes in sci, dunno y.

and as usual, there's the mad rush to find an un-used computer terminal to use. then as i still have not printed my timetable, i decided to transfer the file to the comp terminal so that i could print, i opened up my laptop beside my computer terminal.

not long after, there was a grp of 4 gals discussing very loudly on whether to borrow my laptop or not, since i got laptop n comp terminal,
sample of their very loud conversation:
"there there, ask that guy lah, he got laptop, ask him lah to borrow his laptop to check the notes"

i heard them lah, so i turned my head to look at them, 2 of them noticed that i was looking at them n pretty soon, the rest also found out that i saw n heard them. n since i knew of their plan, so they decided to borrow my laptop lah, but dunno y my laptop got some prob lahm cannot access, so i offered my comp terminal to them, then they happily logged into the ivle n printed their notes. as they were pretty new to printing notes, they didnt know how to select multiple pages for the pdf file format, so i had to help them with it. then since the comp terminal is logged in using my user id, i also had to give them my user id to print out the notes.

then i also had to print my 100+ pages of notes, but luckily i sent the files to the 1st printed which was relativly empty compared to the 2nd printer which ran out of paper and had a long waiting list of files in the queue. while waiting for my notes, i noticed the set of CM1111 notes that the grp of gals printed juz now, it come out fresh out of the 2nd printer, then being a nice guy, i took their notes to them.

but that's not all, juz when i thought for the rest of the sem, i would never see that grp of gals again. it turns out that one of them was the fren of one of my freshies in sow, n it juz so happened that we all took the same bus 95 to bouna vista n the same direction for the mrt(east). the world's too small lah, i tell u.

Cartoon pix from Leo Cullum

1st day in sch

finally managed to convince myself that i need to be a gd student n travel to sch to attend lectures, even if it's only 1 lecture. got something interesting happened today but will try to post it when free, getting tired, managed to transfer all the recent pix from my hp to the laptop already, unloaded them to my flickr account liao, juz click on the flickr badge on the sidebar.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

7th mth special, the return of sadako(part one)...check out the flickr badge i've got on the sidebar, it contains more pix, enjoyz.i've finally got the whole photo hosting thing figured out. yeah.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the return of sadako(part two)...

there muz always be some act-cool pix, =p (left-ming hwa)

the undergrad(johan) in search of greener pastures...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

more pix with freshies! =p

matt n arthur, btw no cartoon pix for these few days, very busy leh, juz fin rag today only, this yr's sci flag n rag really steady leh, win this n that, and i muz add that this year's science club n sci orientation is really a lot better than last yr. yah, we won flag challenge(collected the most $ among all the fac-s), take that , bizad.. haha..

Saturday, August 06, 2005

time to act cool!!! hahaz..., from left to right, shao kai, me, alvin, johan 's the background.

this is the infamous peiyi aka questgal(my last yr's super blur ogl), when it comes to blurness, no one can fight with her, no 1 is hers, then dun have no 2 cause no one even comes close, haha... btw when i show her this pic, she started on this crazy laughter thingy, juz short of rolling on the floor, all the other freshies were like "huh?" so funny meh...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Random thoughts...

"You're needed at the cookie jar." Cartoon from Leo Cullum, i'll try to post a cartoon up everyday. Enjoy... n the photos are not linked to each other in any way, this is juz a very random post.

kunz-gods, shao kai(in front) n alvin, they really know how to sleep, not to mention how to eat, both of them can easily finish 2 portions of meals provided for them by sci orientation.

a very cute pix of my younger brother when he was very young, darn, he's taller than me now.

left this out from the buffet series of pix. damn idea man, this sakae boss, basket, when can i become as successful as him?

knn, another $2 donated to singapore pools. so difficult to strike 4D ah, let me strike once also cannot meh? no $$ already. need $$ to from gahmen/spore pools.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

poor memory...

it sucks when ppl remember your name but u forget theirs, it goes to show that u dun put in effort to remember their name. this is wat happened, i met a jc fren at taka but i forgot his name and surprisingly he still remembers my name, so pai seh.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"He bought one of those silent dog whistles today. Pretend to hear it" cartoon from Leo Cullum.

hail the holy nus flag day "amulet" just paste this on your shirt, point to it agressively whenever someone in that nus yellow flag tee comes up to u for a donation. and hope that the nus flagger aint aggressive enuf to pester u for another donation. (yes, flag day was yesterday, yah, i'm that lazy, argh) on another note, i'm off to mahjong again, yes, this is my 2nd session in like 3 days, hopeless gambler i am.

min bid rise to 131 in juz a few mins, and it's 12.48am, rubbish, but nvm, the advantage of being senior is got a lot of pts can anyhow whack.

pix from my nus student bidding management to get modules to study

150 slots, 206 bidders, min bid 122, my bid = 105, outbidded already, nvm, i still got 800 pts to bid, come lah, i'm not afraid of all u other bidders, see hu got more pts.