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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

terms and conditions as follows

saw a banner, asking u to get a trial pair of contact lenses, when i asked more, they said u have to make a purchase then they give u free contact lenses to try. was brought to a shop located on the 2nd floor of Tampines mall. The staff quickly ushered me to have a quick eye check with the machine, and proceeded to persuade me to buy their contact lenses. As i had astigmatism, i wanted to try lenses for astigmatism. I was later informed that they do not stock the contact lenses i needed, but they still requested that i put a deposit with them so that they could get their stock. This is the part where i felt very ridiculous, i told the person that i'll be willing to leave my contact details, and they could kindly contact me once they have stock. but they insisted that i leave a deposit with them, because it was their COMPANY POLICY, they kept trying to ask me to leave a deposit, but the thing is i'm not getting anything from them on that day, so why should i leave a deposit with them? I left that shop later with a rather disgusted look on my face. What kind of customer policy or company policy is this? It is not as if i'm not interested to buy your stuff, i'm just not willing to put my $ down for nothing. Even when i visited G2000 to get clothes, all i had to do was to leave a note saying that i'm gonna reserve the following clothes and i'll be back later to pay for them. And i do not even have to pay a single cent to reserve them.