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Monday, January 28, 2008

i attract the wrong ppl

i was minding my own biz when got some strange 30 plus aged guy started to chat with me, i had just finished my gym session and about to eat my dinner, i just placed my bag down n about to walk over to order my food, then got this person started talking to me, since i did not want to appear rude, i replied back, he asked me if i just finished jogging, i replied as saying that i just finished my gym session. then he started commenting abt how he was in 2 minds abt going to exercise or eating dinner, then he asked me if i got gold for my ippt but i just replied say dun have just pass only. shortly after, he left n i went to order my food.

Nvm, since i thought it was a casual chat.

Then while i was finishing my dinner, the same guy came back in jogging attire n started to chat more with me, i was like stunned but pretend to be friendly, so continue to casual chat with the person, he started to ask questions like got gf or not, then asking wat i do during my free time, i tried my best to answer as casually as possible. i thought he was like gonna walk away after the chat but he suddenly ask to exchange hp no, i also dunno why i simply gave him my number
(on second thoughts, i should have simply faked a number n gave it to him)

Luckily soon after i finish my food, i asked him that he not starting his jog meh, since it was getting late, maybe he got the hint n left.

okay, i still dun understand why i attract the wrong people, haiz.....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 mths break from blogging

time really flies, it has been 3 mths since i last entered anything into this blog, n i'm beginning to wonder if i really need this blog at all,
cause usually it has been a straight forward affair for me nowadays,

watch tv
go msn

n the cycle continues.

n it has been 2 mths plus that i've been working at HSBC call centre, i still feel my pay is quite low, n currently just hanging on to see if there's light at the end of the tunnel, meaning at the end of the 6 mth contract, any perm position plus pay rise? else it would be rather difficult to see myself carrying on.