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Friday, December 12, 2008

the adventures of Mr J

there was a certain Mr J who needed to withdraw cash from the POSB atm, and Mr J was at a certain XX neighbourhood, he walked by the 7-11 and reached the POSB atm, there was at least a queue of 6-7 ppl in the queue, so Mr J decided to use the other ATM in the neighbourhood instead.
Mr J then walked for around 200m to the other ATM located across the road at the petrol station, Mr J was rather pleased with himself for choosing the long way to reach the ATM, n was even happier when he saw that there was nobody using the ATM,

but when he reached the ATM, He saw a note:


plus written below the note,

"diesel must have gotten onto the card ALWAYS"

Mr J's response : " KNN, ******* "

then Mr J who needed to use the ATM urgently had to re-cross the road, walk another 200m to the first ATM and re-join the queue to get his cash.

Morale of story: There is a reason why a certain ATM has a long queue while the other one has no queue