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Monday, February 28, 2005

NUS bus drivers dun like me also...

I bought a cup of strawberry milk-shake take-away at the arts canteen, then before i could stop the auntie from poking the straw into my cup, the straw was already staring at me in the face, cause i wanted to bring my drink back hall(easier to carry mah), so i told the auntie nvm and i'll juz take the drink away as it is. then i walked down the slope in the hot weather to the internal shuttle bus stop.
i was about to board a Nus internal shuttle bus when the (knn) bus driver told me to dump my drink away, i tried to explain to him that i wont touch my drink, but he insisted that i throw away my drink, i could not be bothered to argue with him, so juz wait for another bus lor. It's like so many ppl bring drinks/food on-board these buses, and trust me, i've seen worse, like ppl eating a complete mac meal on board these buses. Anyway this no-brain bus driver dunno that outside got no dustbin, so wat he wan me to do? juz dump the drink on the grass patch? wtf?

Or the other time i was on-board the bus and about to alight from the front door at my bus-stop when the bus- driver refused to open the front door for me, and insisted that i go back the back door, it's like "hello?" wats so difficult, press a button and open the door for me will die meh? make me walk all the way to the back of the bus to alight. This is like wasting everybody's time n energy. i can understand if this happens at the terminal cause they wanna prevent ppl from boarding a bus ending its round, but this was at a normal bus-stop, then somemore got not much ppl around some more. argh.. Bus drivers dun like me also...

1 test down, 2 more tests and 1 assignment to go...

Friday, February 25, 2005

"Please do not rest", if dun rest dun do wat?

Dumb signs in Nus

dunno y but Nus got some dumb signs, got one no entry to pedestrians at one car-park(will try to take a pic of that when free). but check out the one above.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Carroll is not my fren

Crespo is not my fren

Man u lost, sianz... due to this error...

Maxi Lopez is not my fren

The Guy on the right is Anders Frisk and he's not my fren

The critical min of doom

S'pore pools is not my friend...

S'pore pools is not my friend, why?
cause they dun let me take back my earlier "donations"
They gave me hope, but Anders Frisk smashed all me hope to nothing...
I betted on a draw but Mr Anders Frisk had to send off Drogba so early in the second half, reducing Chelsea to 10 men, then thats when it started to go downhill, Barcelona started their siege on the Chelsea defence. Then came Mr Maxi Lopez to end my hopes.

Anders Frisk is not my friend...
Maxi Lopez is not my friend...
Samuel E'to is also not my friend...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blur as sotong(or even more?)

i dunno why sometimes i'm so forgetful, it's terrible when your sch's so far from home some more, i forgot to bring some of my notes back to hall, argh...
Nevermind, i'm saved cause my mom's going jurong to repair her always damaged vacuum cleaner(Samsung one) it always gives her 1001 problems, then she gonna pass me my notes. More champ league football early tomolo morning which equals less sleep, sigh...
i've changed my settings for my blog(now i know why only members can leave comments), now u're able to leave anonymous comments and dun need to be a registered user, leave some comments? thanks...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

No way Jose(after the lost, today's new paper)

Mourinho's Eleven(top, before lost)

Mourinho's Eleven(bottom, before lost)

Chelsea lose...

Chelsea lost, yeah... there goes their 4 cup dream, before the match on sunday, it was all rosy and colourful, but it seems that the bubble may have leaked, but not completely burst, haha, knocked out by newcastle, Chelsea's manager was trying to rest too many players for that champ league clash with barcelona, then he fielded 2nd team, in the end his plan back-fired when new took an early lead and chelsea never seemed to bother new's defence, then he did the un-thinkable, he changed 3 subs during half-time(gudjohnsen, lampard, and duff on), thats when their bubble started to leak, esp when a few mins later, wayne bridge got injured and Jose Mourinho couldnt sub him off, so l.p.p.l. muz play with ten men on the field, then Duff become temp left back, even funnier is when Glen Johnsen stand in as goal-keeper when Cudicini kenna sent off. So when will Chelsea lose again? haha...

Cute pic of my little niece

IVP 2005

IVP was over the weekend and i feel kinda bad about not going down to watch, er, this kinda reflects badly on how slack as i am as a person.

typical results of IVP 2005?

IVP 2005

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bush fire near tampines st 43

Bush fire engulfs area of approx 10 football fields near tampines st 43, this is why the eastern area is filled with the burning smell, think it muz be pretty serious, cause i can still smell it now, i onli saw clouds of black smoke it the evening, ^hack, cough....

i do not have a life

u know u do not have a life when your sat nite consists of mahjong with your usual guys, almost every weekend without fail, i'll be gambling with them, it seems so "bo liao" but somehow it's an effective way to pass time, it blocks my mind from the fact that i'm single, and do not have a girlfren.
i dunno why but the air quality is really bad today, the air reeks of something burning, and its been going on since evening, it's been torturing my sensitive nose, think i'll know wat happened when i read the papers tomolo morning.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Success and failure is divided by the thin red line

I did something stupid yesterday, i wont go into details but penning it down does make me feel better, success and failure is divided by the thin red line, do u agree with this statement? Heroes are always the first to be killed, he gets a rounding welcome when he succeeds in his task and is forgotten by time when he fails his task.

More $ into spore pools pocket

Buying toto is not equal to winning toto

And the winning numbers are
5 12 13 30 31 43 Add no: 39
the closest i got was 3 numbers from a quickpick, darn, cant even win $20, so pathetic....
to check more details go to:
Bloody spore pools eat my $ only, the only time i got $ from their lottery was a consolation prize some time back last year, won $62, spent $12 on the ticket, profit: 62-12=50, but after numerous rounds of betting on 4d and not to mention thur's toto, profit=negative.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hey, kk, met, der n cong ge, this is prove that i went to buy the ticket, wish us luck...!

Buying toto

i only buy toto once a year and that's during the cny where they have this special prize of $10 million dollars, i know that its ridiculously hard to win anything in toto, but since it's a once a year thingy, i'm willing to plonk a couple of dollars on this game where the odds of winning the top prize is one in several million. for more info, go to:
then i'll like to explain a few things, the pic of my half-empty bottle of red wine is blurred cause i'm half-drunk at that time, so cant hold my phone properly and the resolution of my phone is not really top-notch, so thats why it's blurred. Maybe i'll invest in a decent digital camera once i strike the jackpot this time round, the draw's tomolo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Everybody's sleeping

You say you wander your dream land
But when I think about it
I dunno how you can
You're yawning, you're Sleepy
And I can see the Zzzz in your eyes
Says everybody's sleeping
And I don't know why So little sleep
Try to understand that I'mTrying to drink more kopi just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's sleepingAnd I don't feel sleepy
You're gone from here
And soon you will disappear
Fading into beautiful sleep
Cause everybody's sleeping
And I don't feel sleepy
So little sleepTry to understand that I'mTrying to drink more kopi just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's sleepingAnd I don't feel sleepy
So little sleepTry to understand that I'mTrying to drink more kopi just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's sleepingAnd I don't feel sleepy

new version, for original refer to http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/keane/everybodyschanging.html

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

potency of red wine

half-empty bottle of red wine

it's feb15 already...

i survived feb14, i avoided all potential hazard areas eg: sci foyer=danger zone. even when i went to 7-11 for short walk, passing by pasta fresca also semi-hazard area, so many couples inside, sianz, so in the end borrow wine drown sorrows lor, der was trying to defend his actions saying that he plan this a long time already, giving "borrow wine drown sorrows" a better name saying it's a get-together, i'm juz felt really blue yesterday. sighz...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Bright spark from firecracker, brings back so many memories from last time, where we could openly light them.(in malaysia i mean)

Sunday, February 13, 2005


virus name: depression.4singles
symptons: depression, feeling lonely and terrible.
places to avoid: Orchard road(avoid at all costs), and any other shopping centre/cafe/areas where couples gather.
recomendation: lock yourself in room til feb15 is here.

my other niece(only one version-the i'm too young to do any other expression)

View from the hotel room, hey, wat sorta view u expecting from a 3-star hotel?

Road trip: travelling along the N-S highway

Some teams have all the luck..

Chelsea grind out another 1-0 victory over everton, and take a bigger step forward towards their 1st epl title in 50 years, for more info, check:
Chelsea's goal had a certain element of luck in it, the ball bounced off the post and fell to Gudjohnsen who was unmarked just outside the goal-line, faced with an empty goal, it was impossible to miss. It's victories like this that win matches and titles, sigh...
check out damon's blog too, it's interesting to read about wat spore students in American uni do also:
will add more pics from recent trip up north.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Do u have enuf guts?

I muz write this down before it slips out of my mind.
Date: CNY eve
Time: 4pm(or something like that)
Location:Some comics-shop in muar(little town in malaysia)
I was strolling about this little comics-shop and trying to find my usual comics or manga for that purpose, when got 3 xiao-mei mei strolled in and started to browse about. Then all of a sudden, got this whole big group of beng-ish guys entered the shop(about 5 of them), out of this group there was this guy(ah-hao) who started to take action already. He pretended to pick up a manga then slowly he approached the er-jie(2nd sister) of this group.
This is his pick-up line:
"xiao-jie, ke yi gen ni zhuo peng you ma?"(lady, can i befriend you?)
Our er^jie then appeared to be stunned by this pick-up line by a complete stranger, then the 2 other xiao-mei mei(sister) of this lady(target) started to distance themselves from their er^jie. Our beng-ish character(ah-hao) then started to self-intro:
"wo jiao ah hao"(my name's ah hao) in his typical malaysian slang.
at this pt, i didnt hear clearly or something like that(it's my fault) maybe the lady did/did not give the guy her name. The 2 other sisters then somehow tried to saved their 'sister in distress', telling her that they need to leave already. Our damsel in distress then left her manga she was browsing through and quickly left with her sisters in a shy manner.
Overall attempt at pick-up: failure? most prob from the look of things, the guy didnt get any contact number from the gal. But our guy here had guts which i admire.
My pt is: How many of the guys out there have enuf guts/balls to walk up to a complete stranger and get her contact no? sad to say, i dun have, so i'm still single?

(xi-nu-ai-le)the le(most joyful version)

(xi-nu-ai-le)the ai(depressed version)

(xi-nu-ai-le)the nu(angry version)

(xi-nu-ai-le)the xi(happy-version)

The legendery 4d ticket

Happy CNY

Its the new year, so the following equations hold, new year=red packets=$$$, haha... then there's the age-old qn on whether your're attched or not, to quote
"ah boi ah, where's your gf ah?"
reply goes like this:
"aiyah, too busy la, no time to find"
then you start to pray that your relatives stop and dun bombard you further with these questions, sigh, the price you pay for the red packets. also up xi-nu-ai-le version of my little niece, sigh, i'm getting old =p

Monday, February 07, 2005

my grouchy neighbour Posted by Hello

the one-armed typist Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

One-armed typist

injured my self while playing soccer earlier today, sprained not one but two fingers, this like half-screwed, its not even the whole wrist lor, dunno why so lucky, went for acupuncture, saw my fingers like porcupine like that, spent $40, damn expensive, and i dun even feel better. argh, now my finger wrapped like those egyptian mummy like that, if u're hanving doubts check out the pic above.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

buying 4D

Why is the queue to buy 4D freaking long every sat n sun near 5pm? I guess ppl re juz used to doing things at the last min, including taking part in the national past-time of buying 4D. you know your'll not meant to strike 4D when the number u buy misses the top prize by a fraction, for more info visit www.singaporepools.com/lottery will upload my 4d ticket when free, bought 2815 top prize = 8215, so sad (",)


could not help but wanted to add this in after strolling around tamp central, i bought 2 newspapers from the vendor outside tamp mall, near mac that 1, then after walking a short distance to another vendor near east-link mall, saw that this other vendor was giving out some free seasoning packets(for cooking use) with every newspaper purchase, sianz, morale of story: walk around tamp central b4 buying your newspapers, think i'm really gonna melt in this weather, it's almost 35 degrees out there, there goes wet january, i need rain... where are all the rain clouds?

Friday, February 04, 2005

brown hair...

went to highlight my hair juz now, 1st comments from the ppl around me="your hair like grass" so sad rite? argh...

weekend is here..

its the weekend, then follwed by cny, which = ang paos, haha =p it's the season of collecting, man u is on form now juz look at the way they brush off arsenal n they did it with 10 men, lusy gunners, when will chelsea lose or when will chelsea even draw, it seems to be many matches ago that they dropped pts, they have all the luck, even a pk saved, their form is even hotter than man u. juz had a block supper, got to know more block A ppl, the question is when will i get to know more gals from block a? haha..