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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Hero of MA1506

Have u watched it? if not, you should really go catch this classic lecture on web-cast.
Guy wans to know a gal
Guy informs lecturer of his intention.
Guy gives lecturer a powerpoint slide to put on.
Powerpoint slide has the following content:
A stickman with a bouquet of flowers and lots of hearts in the background, with the following words "Cui Wen Take my hand."
Just before lecturer dismisses the lecture for a break, the lecturer puts the powerpt slide up.
Guy approaches Gal with flowers.
The whole lecture group looks at them.
Guy sits beside Gal and starts to chat up, while the cameraman keeps his focus on them.

it's now available on this link.
click on
28 Mar 2005
fast forward to the 57 min to enjoy the heroic actions of a hero.
(think this is only available for NUS students only, cause need to log-in)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sat nite blues.

why am i "stuck" in hall studying? when i should be out watching soccer?
Cause i got 2 tests next thurs, one in the morning and one in the evening.
thats reason enough for me to sit down, take my books/notes and start mugging.

the reason y i'm "unhappy" in getting a B is because i listed the module as "Satisfactory/Un-satisfactory" or more commonly known as the "S/U" option, where a C+ is enuf gives u a pass in this module and the grade does not count on your cap. It's like when it's time to "S/U" i dun "S/U"(aka last sem) then now come n anyhow use. sianz...

Luckily i dun stay in Kent Ridge, cause the ppl there a little" ab-normal", i was referring to the Indians i saw during the afternoon and just now. When i came back in the afternoon, i saw them all painted in red/blue/green and dunno wat other colour, its like in the middle of the day and you ppl are "colouring" each other? then i saw them playing cricket in the middle of the night, i know it's nothing but the thing is they were playing in the middle of the road.
i know its 1 am on a beautiful sunday morning, but it takes just a little common sense to tell u that roads are dangerous and we should not play on them. Even though there may not be any traffic at this time of the night, but didnt your parents ever told u not to play on the roads?
I seriously wonder who these ppl get into NUS in the 1st place, and how they always manage to get into the Dean's list every sem without fail.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Block A blk comm(from left), got Joey, Hansen, Lena, Kenny, Char,Gladys,Aaron,Janet n Summer.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Estee from the DnD, i think she's the most model-looking person in Sheares.

hope u can spot Adi again, he's in choir too.

Chin yong singing "Great balls of fire" at the concert, do u have any impression of him? he's ex-tj too, now nus law.

counter up...

finally learnt how to add the counter after some tries, it took a little copy n pasting, but's its up, and hope it'll tell me how "popular"or"un-popular" my blog is. enjoy the new pics...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Arts modules are slack, really...

I really like taking Arts modules, even though i did not do well for Ec1301 last sem, imagine lectures once a week, instead of the norm of twice a week for sci fac. My timetable would be so empty, even the tutorials are slack, once every two weeks(odd/even) then no need to prepare that much also, think of 10 mcqs every 2 weeks, compare that with 1 killer tut every week, then muz go up n present somemore(for sci fac).
There's no denying the fact that the gals at arts dress better, and the food at the arts canteen somehow tastes better than sci. This all helps in making arts a better place to stroll about(ahem.. i meant its a good place to go n study)

I can slog n slog and stay up all night to write a mini-font-sized help-sheet for my probability test. Then find out that the help-sheet is practically useless, cause most of the qn all alien one.
I'll be better off burning my help-sheet and drinking the ashes, maybe can do better.
I got back my horrific test paper on tuesday, it's really a horrific score of a single-digit when the mean is around 18, (i dunno how these prc all manage to score well so effortless-ly, sigh...)
I kinda expected the worst when i saw the answers released online, besides i really didnt know how to do. but no use crying over split milk, die die also muz try to scrape a pass for this stupid module.
Further proof of arts as being slack, i got back my history essay, anyhow write essay also can get B, wtf?
a B is so rare for me one leh. Slog like a cow for all the maths modules also cannot get B.
Anyhow whack essay then can get B.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Waiting for a computer terminal at Central Library

Waiting for a computer terminal at the central library is on a 1st-come-1st served basis. First one to an empty terminal, and that computer is yours to use for as long as you like, or for as long as you can for that matter. It sucks when u urgently need a terminal, and you see ppl playing online games/chatting or even doodling on their notes.
You need to possess the follwing attributes in order to get a terminal:
1: Excellent eyesight, so that you're able to spot a computer user packing up/clicking on the log off button.
2:Lightning quick reflexes, so that you're able to "chope" that empty seat before anybody does.

CHOPE:To reserve or hold something for somebody. Sometimes used in games to denote having attained a ‘safe' position."If we're not at the theatre by 8, can you chope some seats for us?" taken from talkingcock.com


i dunno wat SAHAgent.b is , but it's creating a hell lot of problems with my laptop.
Everytime i try to access the internet thru internet explorer, my Norman Anti-virus pops up, and claims that this stupid SAHAgent.b is being quarentined.
But all this still does not solve my problem of not being able to connect to the internet.
I googled this thing on my fren's computer and found it linked to some virus.
This all began with the internet update of my Norman Anti-virus. Thats when it all started to go downhill.
Then now i have to go to the computer centre near the engin fac where they have experts on hand to help me solve my prob. which i muz obtain a queue number and wait for 2 hours(for today/45mins the other time i went there) . It's dumb, i know, but this is how the system works. The one major flaw is their system is that the "experts" there sometimes take their own sweet time to help u solve your problem. It's good or personalised service if you're the one being served, but if you're the one waiting behind, u can imagine the fustration of seeing your queue number next but no one wants to attend to you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i went for this concert by CMB of sheares, i muz say they put in a lot of effort in organising these stuff, cause got free snacks for u also. overall, it's not bad, quite interesting. Maybe this is wat hall life is all about :being active n such.

I found this in the lifts leading to the science library, i dunno if it's true or juz to bluff ppl. well done, NUS.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dawen and his gf

Mr Personality and Miss Photogenic, i think Mr n Miss Sheares cmi so dun think i will post their pics online.

Soccer betting vs Mahjong

Which is more "sin-ful"?
both are types of gambling, just that mahjong got more interaction and Soccer betting is just about team analysis, gut feel, and luck.
u know u dun have luck when the team u wanted to bet on won, but u didn't bet...
u know u're even more down on your luck when u lose $90(an insane amt) on mahjong...
when all u did was just to give der one 5 "tai" =$10 then all the rest ppl just "zi-mo"
then when u try to bet on soccer to cover your loss, your fren tells u that u cant enter the bet anymore.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Depression kicks in...

why? cause i just found out that my probability lecturer juz posted her mid-term solns online...
and from the look of things, it's getting so grim that i can only see failure liao...

And for those with too much spare time on your hands, check out my probability midterm.
Solns will be available at this link here.

Alvin, Adi and Delphia, i must thank Adi for his pictures.(although i dun know them very well..)

Block A group photo

Block A's 3 "Indian" queens.

Remember Jason? he's very active here in Sheares. And the one on the left is Dawen's gf.

How to know you're drunk?

it happens when u start to to talk lots of nonsence/illogical stuff....
like telling your fren's hamster to go fuck more so that he can give away more hamster babies...
boasting that u never "mer-lion"ed before....
And u eventually did....
keep repeating that you're not drunk and sober, when u actually are not....
throw a slipper at your fren when he laughs at u....

And no, i was not the one drunk ...
it was my grouchy neighbour....
(btw, to mer-lion is to copy the merlion in doing this...)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I will now look at the lounge in a different way...

Ever since Jason "mer-lion"ed in the lounge last night, i have not been really dared to enter the block lounge, and even if i do i will not seat in that section ever again...
And ever since kicderr "mer-lion"ed in one of the toilet cubicles, i have not stepped in it since...
I will not sleep in the lounge ever again, REALLY...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

So how high is LT32?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I hate fire alarms or fire drills for that matter, esp when i'm enjoying my beauty sleep then suddenly Ring....! goes the fire alarm. I only fell asleep at 7am this morning and had my beauty sleep disrupted by the annoying fire-alarm at 9am, that was like 2 hours of sleep only. As i was getting ready to gather for a fire drill, word spread that it was just a trip in the power supply. wat the hell?
So back to my bed to enjoy what-ever's left of my beauty sleep...Zzzz...

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dumb signs in NUS:this sign was taken in a carpark, then how am i gonna collect my car?

an excuse to play more mahjong...

The hall library:my 2nd home, i seem to spend more time studying there than in my room.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Prob test = count the no of ways to fail

The probability test consists 4 qns, all with difficulty level 3000 that kind.
P(event- fail the test) =
P(anyhow whack qn1)+
P(look at Qn2 for half an hour and still dunno wat is going on) +
P(stare hard at Qn3 then try to tell yourself that you know how to do, when in actual fact, never see before one) +
P(start your calculations then realise that u do wrongly, then u cancel everything and do again, but this time u careless, and count one less sample)

so the required probabilty is 1, n i really have a bad feeling...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

PRC vs Spore students...

Prc students are in a totally different league with Spore students, during Maths tut today, they were are rushing to present their answers(cause present twice can get 5%), then before my fren could offer to present his answer, all the qns were taken by the prc alread, then onli one other spore student manage to present his answer.
then when they present it was, "yes this, yes that", "oh very good", "thank you that was very well done",
then when spore students present, it was "how come this one is like that?"
" are u sure it's this way?" ,"nvm, i(the tutor) will help u present"
They should have two grading systems, one for the prc n others and one for spore students,
this makes the whole system more fair mah...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sleepless nights...

still cant get to sleep again, argh, dunno why keep having these sleepless nights, feel tired, but when lie on bed, just no feeling to sleep, dunno why...