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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Arts modules are slack, really...

I really like taking Arts modules, even though i did not do well for Ec1301 last sem, imagine lectures once a week, instead of the norm of twice a week for sci fac. My timetable would be so empty, even the tutorials are slack, once every two weeks(odd/even) then no need to prepare that much also, think of 10 mcqs every 2 weeks, compare that with 1 killer tut every week, then muz go up n present somemore(for sci fac).
There's no denying the fact that the gals at arts dress better, and the food at the arts canteen somehow tastes better than sci. This all helps in making arts a better place to stroll about(ahem.. i meant its a good place to go n study)

I can slog n slog and stay up all night to write a mini-font-sized help-sheet for my probability test. Then find out that the help-sheet is practically useless, cause most of the qn all alien one.
I'll be better off burning my help-sheet and drinking the ashes, maybe can do better.
I got back my horrific test paper on tuesday, it's really a horrific score of a single-digit when the mean is around 18, (i dunno how these prc all manage to score well so effortless-ly, sigh...)
I kinda expected the worst when i saw the answers released online, besides i really didnt know how to do. but no use crying over split milk, die die also muz try to scrape a pass for this stupid module.
Further proof of arts as being slack, i got back my history essay, anyhow write essay also can get B, wtf?
a B is so rare for me one leh. Slog like a cow for all the maths modules also cannot get B.
Anyhow whack essay then can get B.


  • in reply to my post,exams are less than a month away...dude...
    and from experience,a B in essay may jolly well result in a grade lower in the final if you are not careful...(personal experience)now..i wonder if that's gd enuff for you...
    Hope the probability text can bless you just like it blessed me b4... =)

    By Blogger quest_gal 仪, at 1:45 AM  

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