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Monday, March 21, 2005


i dunno wat SAHAgent.b is , but it's creating a hell lot of problems with my laptop.
Everytime i try to access the internet thru internet explorer, my Norman Anti-virus pops up, and claims that this stupid SAHAgent.b is being quarentined.
But all this still does not solve my problem of not being able to connect to the internet.
I googled this thing on my fren's computer and found it linked to some virus.
This all began with the internet update of my Norman Anti-virus. Thats when it all started to go downhill.
Then now i have to go to the computer centre near the engin fac where they have experts on hand to help me solve my prob. which i muz obtain a queue number and wait for 2 hours(for today/45mins the other time i went there) . It's dumb, i know, but this is how the system works. The one major flaw is their system is that the "experts" there sometimes take their own sweet time to help u solve your problem. It's good or personalised service if you're the one being served, but if you're the one waiting behind, u can imagine the fustration of seeing your queue number next but no one wants to attend to you.


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