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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sat nite blues.

why am i "stuck" in hall studying? when i should be out watching soccer?
Cause i got 2 tests next thurs, one in the morning and one in the evening.
thats reason enough for me to sit down, take my books/notes and start mugging.

the reason y i'm "unhappy" in getting a B is because i listed the module as "Satisfactory/Un-satisfactory" or more commonly known as the "S/U" option, where a C+ is enuf gives u a pass in this module and the grade does not count on your cap. It's like when it's time to "S/U" i dun "S/U"(aka last sem) then now come n anyhow use. sianz...

Luckily i dun stay in Kent Ridge, cause the ppl there a little" ab-normal", i was referring to the Indians i saw during the afternoon and just now. When i came back in the afternoon, i saw them all painted in red/blue/green and dunno wat other colour, its like in the middle of the day and you ppl are "colouring" each other? then i saw them playing cricket in the middle of the night, i know it's nothing but the thing is they were playing in the middle of the road.
i know its 1 am on a beautiful sunday morning, but it takes just a little common sense to tell u that roads are dangerous and we should not play on them. Even though there may not be any traffic at this time of the night, but didnt your parents ever told u not to play on the roads?
I seriously wonder who these ppl get into NUS in the 1st place, and how they always manage to get into the Dean's list every sem without fail.


  • wah. i forgot what i wanted to write. but whatever. just letting u know i'm dropping by.

    oh yeah. remembered. aiyah. some pple stupid one lar. haha. ps: theres a lot of stupid pple here too

    By Blogger damon, at 11:03 AM  

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