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Thursday, January 26, 2006

pgp food: i always have a dis-liking to pgp food, u eat there not because u like the food, it is most likely becos u have no other option. u take a bite n stop, because the food tastes funny/bad, then u carry on eating as u are hungry. vs eating nice delicious food, u'll wan to take a 2nd bite top enjoy the feeling.

Fish n co's seafood platter for 2, went with der n obh some time back. we ordered 2 seafood platter for 2, this pix is our 2nd serving, the waiteress cameby n asked to reconfrim our order as the portion is quite big.

aftermath: wats left of the 2nd seafood platter for 2

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this is the transponder, u press the blue button in the centre to activate the life, cluster gate, n your room door.

this is the stupid #@$#%$#@ cluster gate of my level, u're supposed to point your transponder at the gate and turn the knob, but now since the lock is spoiled, they simply sent someone to tape up the lock.

stupid pgp, but 1st wat is pgp?

pgp=prince george park=student residence on nus

student residence is not equal to hall, it's just a place to stay, there 's little or no interaction between the residents here. hall is some more happening place with lots more interaction between the people who stay there. eg:Sheares, Temasek n so on.

On the outside, the place looks like some condo, but thats about it.

Anyone who's familiar with the layout of pgp will know that we use the transponder(it's basically a wireless key/sensor) here as the key to your room and your level. to access the floor that u stay, u have to activate the sensor on the lift, then u can press the floor u wanna go to. so u cant go to other levels except the one u stay in.

And next u have to activate the transponder on the cluster gate(some metal gate at the start of the corridor of your level) n open it.

and finally u have to activate it on your own door to enter your room.

The thing is all residents of a particular cluster are supposed to lock the cluster(level) gate, else we'll get fined. but since the lock set on our level gate is spoil, we usually juz leave the gate unlocked. but then somebody(dunno hu) locked the gate from the inside, so i was locked out of my level last night. imagine u come back from your lessons late at nite, all u wan is a nice shower n the chance to sit down n enjoy the nice hokkien mee (from clementi)

u step out of the lift to find your neighbour(class mate from jc) locked out of the gate too.
he tells u that the gate is spoiled n we cant go on.
u go half crazy, almost close to screaming your head off at someone.
u knock on the gate but no one replies.
your fren calls for help, but the management says they got other complaints to settle 1st.
u patiently wait for help...

and finally u see another of your neighbours stepping out to use the toilet,
u're saved! finally...

u step into your room n find a warning letter from the management, saying that the residents on your level were caught with the cluster gate unlocked, no action will be taken this time, but subsequent warnings will include a fine of $100.

u curse n swear n
dump the letter in the dustbin...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Chelsea drew!

if chelsea cant lose, they must at least draw...

(sorry damon, i'm not a chelsea fan..)

chelsea has been winning too many matches, n have too many pts. they muz drop pts.
although the title race is almost gone, i would hope to see a tighter n more closely fought title race.

on another note, the inter varsity championships are over but nus won several prizes.
doubles gold-
all events bronze-

singles silver+bronze
doubles gold
team gold
all events bronze
high game
school gold

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

helping out in 2nd hand book sale

ok, i'm gonna be a little shameless abt this, so far, i think i'm the 3rd most hardworking welfare com member after my boss(zirong) n siong thye(i think)

being helping out for 2 days already. (can suddenly feel my karma level rise.... haha..)

i sold both my books already, should be getting back around $50.
realised that some people have no talent in setting prices for their 2nd hand books,

take "the cell" -some biology txt bk that those life science ppl need
the bookstore selling $96 for a brand new copy, n we have ppl pricing their books at around $80.
those that priced their books at $50+ /$60+ had their txt bk sold long ago already.

on a sidenote,
there was an incident of a student who stole textbooks from the school bookstore and brought the textbooks to our 2nd hand book sale and attempted to sell them.
She(yes... it's a female student) sold like more than 10 books to us n another club doing 2nd hand book sales. i dunno how she got caught(some ppl say she got caught as she stole the latest edition to some stats book and the ppl who collected the txt book from her got suspicious as the newest edition was juz out this sem) but the books were returned to the bookstore eventually and they went about working something out for her.(ie: paying for the books instead of calling the police)

6 modules again?

taking 6 modules again this sem, feel very garang when i do such things...

=looking at more words/proofs than numbers

ma3111-complex analysis
=simply staring at complex numbers/symbols

ma3233-graph theory
=looking at dot, lines n wondering wat all these things really mean

hy2239-Chinese biz in spore n beyond
=listening to tales of chinese ppl from the past

PC1326-physics in the life sciences
=more nightmarish encounters with the cell(in a biological way)

lsm1302-genes n society
=god knows wats it all abt, the lecture starts on the 3rd week.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

some ice wine for u? ice wine is not cheap man, this bottle cost $90 and is only 350ml. kaoz..

is bidding finally over?

i refuse to pay more than 1 pt for some modules. aka nation building or some rubbish mod.

status check:
bid for pr2202 with 1 pt
dropped pr2202
tried to bid for spore military history with 1 pt
last i checked got 4 slots, 4 bidders
min bid 1 pt
i bid 1 pt
then when i check i kenna outbidded, rubbish...
then take no choice take another lvl 3 maths mod and chinese biz.

Friday, January 06, 2006

yikes, bidding for modules is such a lousy experience

i'm rather envious of those ppl who dun have to go thru the hassle of bidding for mods, aka engineers or those ppl who juz have to bid 1 pt for their core mods n nothing else.

y muz we bid for modules? i also dunno.
the lame excuse that nus gives is:

the bidding experience will allow students to be better well rounded students...
making important choices with limited options...
blah blah blah...

it's somewhere along this line lah.
last sem they cock up the system, everyone was logging in at the same time, the server crashed, making everyone worried that they cant bid for mods.
this sem, all the crazy final yr students are playing showhand, whack as many pts as the system can along them to whack. cause the pts are useless once u leave nus, so will showhand everything.

how to get Fna1002 Financial Accounting for 1 pt:
step 1:
declare entrepreneuership or some other biz subject as your minor
step 2:
bid for fna1002 with 1 pt, u'll get protection as u declare biz minor
step 3:
happily take fna1002, get the grade u wan
step 4:
drop the biz minor the next sem

ta da...
learnt this from my fren earlier today.
this tactic is really gd, haha...

i'm always thinking of wat cors really stand for. CORS= Completely bO-liao n Ridiculous System

Thursday, January 05, 2006

bowling is an expensive sport(really!!!)

i sometimes wonder y i continue to bowl, when it's a freakin expensive sport. i can spend at least $100 every month on it. thats not including extras like taxi fares n other things u spend on if they go out for dinner.
training on next mon n wed, at least $30.
then plus following wk and n ivp tourney coming up.
can feel pinch in wallet already.

maybe i should re-calculae the way i spend $ on bowling...

sch starting in mon, 3 more days, then followed by tues public holiday, damn lame...
then followed by cny break at end of month. where got momentum to study....

an update(finally)

eh, i dunno i how long never update already, there must be at least have been a wk or more.

results for sem1 05/06:
best ever sem in uni, juz one minor blip,
darn that ma2213,
but nvm, glad it's over.

bidding for modules:
only got 3 modules so far
ma3110 analysis
ma3233 graph theory
pr2202 perfumes n cosmetics

lsm1302 genes n society

not open for bidding:
fna 1002 financial accounting

dunno if should overload this sem again:

GEK1521 / PC1326

need the 4 modular credits
else overload during my sem 5.

checked the requirments for my major already
applied maths major

Level 1xxx
Pass the 4 modules in List I and one of the following two modules:
· CS1101 Programming Methodology or
· CZ1102 Problem Solving and Computation
Level 2xxx & higher
Pass 11 modules from List II, III and IV, of which at least 6 modules are at level 3000 or higher, and not more than 4 MCs are from UROPS modules, and which should include any 3 modules from List A3 and include all of the following modules:
· MA2101 Linear Algebra II or MA2101S Linear Algebra II (version S)
· MA2108 Advanced Calculus II/Mathematical Analysis I or MA2108S Advanced Calculus II /Mathematical Analysis I (version S)
· MA3110 Analysis/Mathematical Analysis II
· MA3111 Complex Analysis

which means i need to clear ma1100, one more lvl 2 maths mod, n 6 lvl 3 maths mod.
thinking of clearing 2 lvl 3 maths mod every sem.
the trouble with certain mods is they're onli open in certain sems aka onli offered in sem 1, so muz wait til another sem then can take. then there's the trouble of fitting everything into your exam timetable n making sure nothin clashes, or got 2 exams in a day, n none of your lectures clash also.
sianz, this bidding thing is really bo liao at times, juz anyhow whack pts onli.

left 2 days, cant wait for it to end, plus get pay, but dunno after minus cpf left how much. sigh...

managed to just squeeze into cutoff but wondering if coach will kick me away from team 3 n put me in reserve. looks like i never "carry enuf balls" else i wont have this trouble