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Monday, May 30, 2005

view from outside my house, one of the reasons y my family is reluctant to move away, got nice view n swimming pool so near some more. i have "amazing" powers of prediction, i for-see myself dressed in camouflage green in about 6 hrs time, i can also see myself back in camp,reason? In-camp-training briefing + ippt on 31 may,

typical spore weather, notice the burning hot sunshine

Typical spore nieighbourhood and carpak pic

somehow this pic does not give me the impression that it was taken in Spore.

the path less "jogged"

it's always nice to see huge bodies of water, eg:lakes, water always gives people a special calming effect, do u agree?

went for short jog around the resevevior, the pictures all look amazingly great despite using only a camera phone, the weather was perfect, the cool wind blowing after a whole day of rain that kind, i really like such weather as compared to the sweaty, blazing hot normal Spore heat that muz suffer almost every other day.

it's really nice to watch internal affairs again, the story/plot/characters and everything else were all top notch. i didn't really enjoy it the 1st time i watched it, cause the quality of my version was not that great. the first part is still the classic one, the other two parts seem to be trying to cash in on the fame and success of the original.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

when you're hungry, you'll eat anything.

it's almost like when you go out-field, then even if i serve you the worst cookhouse food that the SAF or SFI can offer, you'll still happily eat it, no matter how bad it tastes.

i was just discussing this with my fren, when you have been stuck in the desert for too long, even the most c.m.i(cannot make it) grass looks like a flower, a better anology would be, when guys are single for too long, they will then to lower their expectations, and take anything that comes their way. i wonder if the same situation applies to the females.

A simple scan on my msn tells me a lot of things, like more than half of the people in my msn are still single, wat does this mean? (i'm hanging out with the wrong crowd?, haha, muz "learn" from more "experienced" people? juz kidding...)

Fate is a funny thing, i somehow still believe a little in it, esp the part when if you and other half are fated to meet, you'll still meet, no matter how far apart the distance is, but if you really have no fate, then you'll never have the chance to meet the person even if he or she is sitting right beside you. think i've been watching too many of those drama shows already, sigh...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

told u i was bo liao already. sigh...

woke up on tuesday morning with nothing better to do, so decided to be a little spiritual and went to bugis to visit the temple there.

tampines mall, the closest thing i have to a proper shopping centre, it is the shopping centre of the east side. almost all the school kids staying around the east hang out there.

Monday, May 23, 2005

this is mel's "twin brother", he looks so alike to mel that i once almost started to speak to him, but then realised that it was not mel, cant take a proper pic as i dun know him this twin of his.

Kai Xin, he's really good at badminton, although he does not look like it,(NUS no.2 leh dun play play,), he's also the guardian of level 6 short wing, there is no better "men shen aka door god" than him, haha...

picture taken at dbl O, took it when i got extremely bored of the music n the place(refer to earlier post), then go some place else besides the dance floor to take a breather.

ah, the block A lounge.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Being a driver vs a chauffeur

when you 1st get your driving license, you are happy that u pass and can't wait to step into the family car and take the wheel but over time u'll come to realise something....

that you end up being a chauffeur.

i dunno wats wrong with my dad but it's really very hard to just borrow his car(it's almost like trying to win maximun tai in mahjong, it's possible, but not easy, u need really good luck), i dunno y, it's like i got my license so many months ago, wat's the problem of lending the car to your son?(the lame excuse that he gives me is petrol is expensive, thats true, but how much can i drive in a night, or a few hrs?)the only time he lets me drive without me asking is when the whole family goes out together.(and thats not very often)

i dun wan to compare with my other frens whose parents can juz safely throw the car keys to their son, without them even asking. dun blame me for not helping my dad drive.
i wanna be a driver not a chauffeur.

on another note, arsenal won the FA cup thru a p.k. shootout, sianz, i'm no arsenal fan.

Friday, May 20, 2005





when i 1st heard this song, i really liked it n kept playing the tune over n over again, although it's not a new song, but it's still a nice song. heard it over the radio earlier, then now my mind kept playing the tune liao.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

sleep n sleep...

sleep n sleep...
sleep til the sun shines on my butt...
i have a wonderful talent, can sleep til 3pm. (u believe?)

i have my reasons for doing so, besides watching anime(naruto), by sleeping til so late, i can skip breakfast, hence eat one less meal everyday, reasons:
1) safe me the trouble from going out to find breakfast to eat
2)by sleeping til so late, it makes the day pass faster(everyday do nothing mah)
3)by sleeping, my mom won't(can't) nag at me for doing nothing at home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

i lost a post.

argh, i dunno wat happened but i lost a post when i clicked the publish post button, argh, now very du-lan, sianz, will type a proper post when free, back to more anime-viewing, mahjong, n sleeping. the 3 things i do everyday.(almost everyday for mahjong)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

apologies to some people

There are times when i get too photo-happy and start to anyhow put pictures online, esp when the pics dun belong to me, and may put some people in a sort of bad light, so hence i would like to take this chance to say sorry to these people.
(and i'm not referring to the grouchy neighbour pic, =p)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

People whom you do NOT ever want to meet in the lift

I've complied a list of most hated people whom u do not wish to end in the lift with. Since i stay quite high, so muz everytime take lift up and down. I'm suddenly motivated to write this down as i went thru a nasty experience today inside the lift.

  1. People who smoke blatantly in the lifts. These are the people who really get on my nerves. Cant they read signs: There's a really noticeable sign inside the lifts that says smoking is PROHIBITED inside the lifts. the main reason why i dislike such people is that they irritate other people just for their own convenience. do u think other people like smelling your 2nd hand smoke? and the thing about such people is that the lifts still lingers on with the 2nd hand smoke smell even after they leave. I only wish that someone can do something about this, Install smoke detector? with camera? take their pics and shame them like the way the loansharks do? FINE them!!! (i'm more okay with people who at least make the effort to put out that cigarette butt before they enter a lift)
  2. People with strange BO(body odour). This type is the next kind that gets on my nerves. I shall not disclose anything, but all i can say is that there is some strange old guy who happens to stay in the same block as me. Lets call him Shifty. cause he gots shifty eyes and u dunno if he's looking at you or not.(gives me the creeps at times) he always seems to be wearing the same set of clothes that dunno how many days never wash already. and u can smell him from 5m away. imagine stuck in the lift with him.(almost a living nightmare)
  3. People who urinate in the lifts. I always hope that this kinda of things will never happen to me, but i came across this situation someday, cant remember the exact date but it was sometime back. Imagine seeing a pool of urine awaiting you, when u step into the lift, then u get attacked by the smell, then u are reminded that u are running late and no choice muz take the lift, with the closing of the lift doors, u seem to be trapped in a bad-smelling living nightmare. as the lift slowly makes it's way down, u silently pray for the lift to be faster and comment on your really bad luck, while slowly plotting how to "settle" with this inconsiderate person, if u found out who he was.
  4. People who spit in the lifts. This is the most un-noticable kind, you wont smell anything when you enter the lift, u think everything is fine when u enter the lift, u start to think of the wonderful day ahead of you, you move your feet around the lift, then suddenly u feel a sticky sensation to the soles of your shoes. OH NO! u 've been sneaked attacked by some inconsiderate bugger who spits in the lift. there goes your wonderful day...
  5. People who litter in the lifts. these are the least hated on my list. but the problem starts when they start to dump sticky and liquid-like stuff inside the life, i'm not that pissed off with people dumping leaflets inside, but imagine a half-eaten ice-cream that is melting and starts to flow to your shoes. Y cant they just dump their stuff somewhere else, dun they need to take the lift also? why make the lift so dirty and smelly for the next user?

To anyone whose reading this: feel free to air your thoughts on more nasty lift experiences.(or more nasty lift people..)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

new record

i've just set a new record in most number of rounds of mahjong in the least amount of time, played 4 rounds in 6 plus hours, which is really fast cause i usually only play 1 round in 2 hrs.
my mom's beginning to get a little unhappy with seeing me at home sleeping til 3pm after an all-night of mahjong. it's like do nothing whole day but play mahjong and sleep, and play mahjong n sleep again, like a daily cycle like that.

notice to mom: i'm in the process of making enquires for part-time jobs, please dun rush me, i know u dun wan some pig sleeping, eating and do nothing else besides playing mahjong everyday. jobs offers do not just drop from the sky and land on my lap. I'm making a "decent effort" at least(in my own opinion) in trying to look for a job. Please do not keep complaining to all your sisters and tell them about the pig you keep at home. (I've over-heard u telling them that at least 10 times today already, sigh...)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

another nice song


歌手:宇恒 专辑:宇宙永恒 happy day
词 曲:宇恒


Saturday, May 07, 2005

club thursday

club thursday at double O
entry $20
drinks all night $3

i'm not going back to double O on thursday again. never.
the drinks may be cheap but it's the atmosphere that counts.
music sucks, hip-hop and RnB.
crowd sucks, too many malays(i'm not racist but they are just not my kinda group)
give me an arts bash anytime man.
i may have to spend a lot more but at least i'll enjoy it a lot more.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

motivation to slack

after two drastic weeks in sch, i'm finally free. suddenly even the air around me seems nicer also.
i learnt sumthing while watching the highlights of the champ league match between pool n che.
the key to scoring a controversial goal is to celebrate immediately and dun look at the linesman,
after looking at the many camera replays of all possible angles of the goal by pool, i'm still undecided if the ball did or did not cross the line.
but oh well, at least i'm glad che didn't win, wat a bunch of rich snobs, they think they can just buy every trophy, haha...

on another note, i wish i was a little taller too...
then wont always get suan for being short by all your frens, and easier to pick-up gals?

Monday, May 02, 2005

motivation to study

i felt a sudden urge to study and revise my work today, cause i saw Chye hard at work, he looks so busy, it almost gets scary at times.
Almost wanted to watch anime and enjoy the day, but luckily bitten by study bug.

There are many reasons why i prefer to study in the reading room.
the ability to "bio" gals is one such reason. usually got a few not bad ones that will boost your morale to study one, haha.
guys who dun look at gals are not guys, haha.

BUT today i saw something that almost made me puke out my dinner,
there was this guy who's like wearing jogging attire, singlet plus those small running shorts that look like those from "ocs" that kind.
he's like some big hairy ape.
all was fine til this guy started to lie down on a bench-like cushion (with his hairy legs staring at my face) to study.
although it was around 3 meters away but it was enough to make my stomach churn in response.
imagine staring at your notes/laptop for one moment, then the next moment you see a huge mass of leg hairs staring at you.

(btw less than 24hrs to freedom....)

To study or not to study?

i'm not a mugger, i've lost almost all appetite to mug, watched at least 3, er no.... think it's 4 hr's of tv+anime, total time spent on studying = less than 2 hrs.
The whole block sounds more quiet than before maybe because some ppl fin early and went home.
study also like that,
dun study also like that,
i just wanna fin that stupid exam and get it over with...