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Monday, May 02, 2005

To study or not to study?

i'm not a mugger, i've lost almost all appetite to mug, watched at least 3, er no.... think it's 4 hr's of tv+anime, total time spent on studying = less than 2 hrs.
The whole block sounds more quiet than before maybe because some ppl fin early and went home.
study also like that,
dun study also like that,
i just wanna fin that stupid exam and get it over with...


  • cheer up...it is part and parcel of hall life. Before exam buzzing with life but once exams finish...everyone cant wait to go home.
    Go find summer lor....show so many of her pics....u sly boy...

    By Anonymous Your favourite graduating senior, at 8:59 AM  

  • this post is in response to my fave grad senior comment:summer's "off-limits", you should know y, and the picture of her has been removed due to certain reasons.

    By Blogger woshiyiduoyun, at 8:42 PM  

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