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Sunday, April 24, 2005

parody from Star Wars.

Ah Tan was once on the enlightened path, a student(Jedi) with a bright future, a student(Jedi) who consistantly did his tutorials(training),and did no gambling(no mahjong, no soccer betting) and drinking. He didnt even touch his playstation during exams, and could mug from morning to night, night to morning, with minamal sleep.

But his heart was tempted by the Dark(slack) side, the lures of being slack were too many, the playstation itself tell him not to study but to indulge in the many games it has. Mahjong would tell him the benefits of the 13 wonders,and doing tutorials does not necessarily being good grades. The soccer betting slip from Singapore pools shows him the wonders of $$$ that he could "earn from" betting soccer. The bottle of vodka tells him to forget his sorrows.

And so Ah Tan fell to the dark side and has remained there ever since......


  • fcuk u lah....say untill machiam real like tat...come on...give urself a break. Have some booze..relac abit..go on this way and u will go berzerk before u graduate. Who say exam period must die die study and no enjoyment ....play abit , study abit...just control lor...Welcome to the dark side!!!! Hiak hiak hiak

    By Anonymous Your Favourite Graduating Senior ( my friends call me Black Vader ), at 5:40 AM  

  • Relax kk!!! Exams ain't everything!! hee hee. Its going to be over very soon.. Jiayou!!

    By Anonymous alpha, at 8:34 AM  

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