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Thursday, May 12, 2005

People whom you do NOT ever want to meet in the lift

I've complied a list of most hated people whom u do not wish to end in the lift with. Since i stay quite high, so muz everytime take lift up and down. I'm suddenly motivated to write this down as i went thru a nasty experience today inside the lift.

  1. People who smoke blatantly in the lifts. These are the people who really get on my nerves. Cant they read signs: There's a really noticeable sign inside the lifts that says smoking is PROHIBITED inside the lifts. the main reason why i dislike such people is that they irritate other people just for their own convenience. do u think other people like smelling your 2nd hand smoke? and the thing about such people is that the lifts still lingers on with the 2nd hand smoke smell even after they leave. I only wish that someone can do something about this, Install smoke detector? with camera? take their pics and shame them like the way the loansharks do? FINE them!!! (i'm more okay with people who at least make the effort to put out that cigarette butt before they enter a lift)
  2. People with strange BO(body odour). This type is the next kind that gets on my nerves. I shall not disclose anything, but all i can say is that there is some strange old guy who happens to stay in the same block as me. Lets call him Shifty. cause he gots shifty eyes and u dunno if he's looking at you or not.(gives me the creeps at times) he always seems to be wearing the same set of clothes that dunno how many days never wash already. and u can smell him from 5m away. imagine stuck in the lift with him.(almost a living nightmare)
  3. People who urinate in the lifts. I always hope that this kinda of things will never happen to me, but i came across this situation someday, cant remember the exact date but it was sometime back. Imagine seeing a pool of urine awaiting you, when u step into the lift, then u get attacked by the smell, then u are reminded that u are running late and no choice muz take the lift, with the closing of the lift doors, u seem to be trapped in a bad-smelling living nightmare. as the lift slowly makes it's way down, u silently pray for the lift to be faster and comment on your really bad luck, while slowly plotting how to "settle" with this inconsiderate person, if u found out who he was.
  4. People who spit in the lifts. This is the most un-noticable kind, you wont smell anything when you enter the lift, u think everything is fine when u enter the lift, u start to think of the wonderful day ahead of you, you move your feet around the lift, then suddenly u feel a sticky sensation to the soles of your shoes. OH NO! u 've been sneaked attacked by some inconsiderate bugger who spits in the lift. there goes your wonderful day...
  5. People who litter in the lifts. these are the least hated on my list. but the problem starts when they start to dump sticky and liquid-like stuff inside the life, i'm not that pissed off with people dumping leaflets inside, but imagine a half-eaten ice-cream that is melting and starts to flow to your shoes. Y cant they just dump their stuff somewhere else, dun they need to take the lift also? why make the lift so dirty and smelly for the next user?

To anyone whose reading this: feel free to air your thoughts on more nasty lift experiences.(or more nasty lift people..)


  • though ur legs are short but.....dont take lift lor

    By Anonymous Your Favourite Graduating Senior, at 9:43 PM  

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