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Monday, May 02, 2005

motivation to study

i felt a sudden urge to study and revise my work today, cause i saw Chye hard at work, he looks so busy, it almost gets scary at times.
Almost wanted to watch anime and enjoy the day, but luckily bitten by study bug.

There are many reasons why i prefer to study in the reading room.
the ability to "bio" gals is one such reason. usually got a few not bad ones that will boost your morale to study one, haha.
guys who dun look at gals are not guys, haha.

BUT today i saw something that almost made me puke out my dinner,
there was this guy who's like wearing jogging attire, singlet plus those small running shorts that look like those from "ocs" that kind.
he's like some big hairy ape.
all was fine til this guy started to lie down on a bench-like cushion (with his hairy legs staring at my face) to study.
although it was around 3 meters away but it was enough to make my stomach churn in response.
imagine staring at your notes/laptop for one moment, then the next moment you see a huge mass of leg hairs staring at you.

(btw less than 24hrs to freedom....)


  • congrats to approaching ur freedom soon!! :)

    By Anonymous alpha, at 12:36 PM  

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