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Monday, January 31, 2005

dropping cz1106

i hope i've made the right decision today when i dropped one of my modules this afternoon, i spent the entire night thinking about this, whether i should drop or not, i went ahead with my decision after i went for the cz tutorial, my rational= why should i waste so much time n energy on a module that is not my core esp when i'm gonna change major next sem, i should take another easier module that is not as fustrating as cz1106, now i'm left with 4 modules, one of which i'm gonna declare s/u so this sem will be a slack sem, the real horror comes when the next sem i have to over-load myself with 6 modules to cover-up. wish me luck.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

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It's saturday already? how time flies, sianz, another week gone, 10 c programs due next mon, wat to do? die ah, cant take programming anymore, will go crazy, i respect those "shen tong" one look at the qn and the answer appears in their minds, the indian n chinese invasion is pow-derful. Saturday should be spent doing something worthwhile, like going out with gal or something like that, in the end i'm reduced to staying at hall slacking. check out the pic that i added, this pic did create some commotion when it 1st appeared, why didn't my class do something like that also? =p

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


i didnt know chinatown was located in nus til i went for my prob tutorial, i never felt so alone as a singaporean b4, even my last sem maths tut also not so bad, this time i'm being surrounded left, right , front, back n centre by prc, they're everywhere, where are the spore ppl? think the sci canteen will start accepting chinese yuan pretty soon, the real chinatown has no more chinaman, onli ang moh visit there, sci fac is different, it's overflowing with these foreigners, all along in sch, all i hear was singlish now its the beijing accent flying everywhere, i'm not a racist but a nationalist, where are all the singaporeans?

Monday, January 24, 2005


Monday blues, its starting already, cause this week got tutorials, so the monday blues feeling is more strong, dunno wat i'm doing, still have not touched my prob tut, oh no, i need to be more hardworking. will try at least. another wk end wasted doing nothing, productivity=zero, did resist the temptation to dry swim on sat, too much hand exercise is unhealthy. Starbowl, formerly kim seng bowl is now on my hated list for bowling centre i dun like, main reason, cant play well there, simple as that.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

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My room at Sheares Posted by Hello

more lectures?

Things not to do while attending lectures:
  • sleep
  • watch tv on nus-cast
  • chat on msn
  • check e-mail
  • eat\drink

as a "real" student of nus, i'm of course guilty of all these crimes =p

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sheares hall

i juz move into sheares hall, luckily my room still quite clean, but did spend some time trying to clean it, it has a nice view of kent ridge, haha....
derrick's gonna have a "very long" sem, cause my room is juz beside him. Block A is good cause it's the nearest to the bus-stop, dun have to walk so far, i'm by nature a lazy person =p

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Epl round-up

Who can stop Chelsea now? they cant seem to lose, their form is like win after win after win, they're running away with the championship. sianz...
following text from soccernet:
Saturday, January 15, 2005
Lampard brace keeps Blues in control
Chelsea moved ten points clear of Arsenal at the top of the Premiership table with an all-too-predictable 2-0 win at London rivals Tottenham Hotspur, meaning that the Blues have kept six consecutive clean sheets, while for their hosts, it is now 18 years without a league win over their arch rivals at the Lane after a Frank Lampard double either side of half-time.
And during Saturday evenings televised match at the Reebok, Bolton Wanderers registered their first-ever victory at their home stadium over champions Arsenal thanks to Stelios Giannakopoulos's first-half headed winner.
Meanwhile in Saturdays lunchtime kick-off, Manchester United made it three league wins in a row at the home of their bitter rivals Liverpool for the first time in the clubs history, Wayne Rooney's first-half strike, via the aid of a terrible goalkeeping blunder by Jerzy Dudek, giving Sir Alex Ferguson's side a vital 1-0 win that temporarily moves them to within just a point of champions Arsenal. The win also ended a run of three games without a goal for United, while also making it four games since the Red Devils last conceded.

post-match comments: arsenal was really poor, dunno wat they doing, playing like a 2nd division side, okocha was like running circles around the arsenal players, kudos to man u for winning again at the Anfield, so wat if spore got more pool fans than man u fans, the impt thing is who won, =p

Friday, January 14, 2005

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

thursday's a long day

juz reached home only, nus is really really very far from my place, thursday a long day lessons end at 6pm, reach home almost 7.20pm imagine travelling to n fro, dunno waste how much of my time already. tomolo's a bo liao day, juz going to sch for one lec, feel like skipping it, i was never a model student, will add a pic of a lec later, it will seem very familiar to all the nus students. anyone taking Ssa 2211 evolution in the city state? or took before?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The whole bidding for modules thing sucks...

The cors website is not smart enough to detect timetable classes in tutorials together with lectures, so when your lecturer onli has a certain timeslot for her tutorials, u jolly well clear everything u have on that day and attend her classes, and that includes skipping lectures from your core modules. Alternative: drop module, lose 100 pts and try to vie for another module that still got vacancy after so many rounds, the new module you select must again satisfy the 3 major requirements 1: no timetable clash, 2: no exam clash, 3:no crazy bidders. I'm beginning to think that i'm losing more sleep over bidding for modules rather than studying for modules itself. The nus co-op seems to be sleeping too, cant seem to find any books that i require to study, they dun seem to stock up in time, still in holiday mood?

Saturday, January 08, 2005


Inter-Fac games

Good news to those from sci fac, sci fac is 2nd overall in the morning's inter-faculty bowling tournament. It's a great achievement considering how many engin bowlers are in the sch team, so would like to thank all the sci bowlers for playing so well today. at least today's trip down was quite worth it, got something back in return, check photo above. =p

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Note to self

i always wanted to write this down to remind myself NEVER to commit the same mistake EVER again, lesson learnt: never play late nite mahjong before anything impt the next day, if u're playing well at that moment capitalise on your form skip the next day training and attend the roll-off instead, Case Study: failure to get into school team(team nus) for bowling this time round, was bowling well during the 1st round averging 180, but flopped on the next round really badly, i dun blame the coach for not choosing me since it was over already for so long n if i was the coach n i c someone playing as badly as me then i confirm wont pick that guy, can only reflect back n slap myself for doing something stupid the day before. ^self...

Another update..

yoz, another update to satisfy damon's interest, knn, woke up at 0630 juz now, dunno y i woke up at such an ungodly hour i used to sleep til 1200 for the past few days, bored n sianz, dunno wat i was doing for the pst few days, slacking my life away, managed to get 3 core n 1 ss module in the bag, left 1 more core, lin al 2, which is not that hot after what happened last sem rem prof poh? thanks to him, lin al is a killer mod.
lessons learnt from last sem, NEVER EVER put 2 exams in a single day, it's pure madness, imagine trying to revise the whole sem's work the previous nite for 2 modules instead of one, thats the problem i face when trying to bid for modules, the modules i wan or would consider are 1. timetable clash 2. exam clash 3. min bid >500(esp for non-exam modules).EG: Hot modules like Intro to cybercrime.I will take these hot modules when i have enuf bid pts then will show hand with these crazy ppl who always spoil market one.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

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An update finally...

yes, yes i know that i have not been updating the blog then all thanks to damon, he "psycho" me into being more active in blogging, been busy bidding for modules, it's a dumb system, but think it's better than ntu's free for all, 1st come 1st taken system. darn, the server's jammed up again, lousy server..
chelsea won 2-0 while arsenal n man u slip up, sianz, who can stop chelsea now? they seem to be running away with the epl, no one can match them in $ n players, even they're reserves more than enough lor.
man u was lucky to get a pt, thanks to ref blunder, since i'm a man u fan so no complaints from me, refs in epl seem to be making more n more blunders, dunno wat they doing, eat black $?
xmas season != betting season, evidence is present in bank account, no amt of mahjong i play is enough to cover my loss. although i did win 13 wonders on sun, that was really lucky. think der's house the fengshui good for me.