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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

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Monday, December 20, 2004


hey, soccer results:
liv 3-1 new, post-match comments: new's defending was non-existent, liv could have easily scored more if the liv players could pass more to baros, instead of trying to act hero n trying to score esp when baros was better placed to shoot, baros deserved e man of the match, he was liv's best player for that match, new's goal was a fluke n should not have stood, lousy decision by ref, kluivert was in an offside position but was not interfering with play when the ball was passed to bowyer, but when the ball was passed back to kluivert, he was in a more advantageous pos to score since he was already a few yards ahead of liv's defenders.
por 0-1 ars. ars lucky to get all 3 pts away, pires was booed everytime he touched the ball, cause of the way he won a p.k. the last time these 2 teams met, it was all thanks to his superb oscar performance that gave ars a draw the other time around(remember the incident?)
knn, lost $ at sg pools, betted on a bolton win, away-draw n home-draw for barca match, bolton's in a slump at the moment, no pt bettin on them, should have seen in coming when the odds for a bol win kept on rising, the other one was really l.p.p.l. , i thought i won $ when i saw 1-1 in the morning, then when i clicked on the result it was draw-draw so l.l. lor.
just watched national treasure, it's not bad, quite interesting, i'm including a pic of my little niece taken sometime back. and to dear damon, aaron, sky, yuhan, kaiqin, qianlong, mervin, mel n frens, enjoy your holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Predictions for EPL

the following are predictions from various sources. p = paul from ESPN, s = shebby singh from ESPN c= computer on Here we go predictor, f = football weekly predictions. good luck =p
Man U v Cry Pal
p: 2-0
s: 3-0
c: 2-0
f: 3-1
Bol v Man City
p: 2-1
s: 1-1
c: 2-1
f: 2-1
Che v Nor
c: 3-0
f: 4-0
Tot v Sou
p: 2-1
s: 2-0
c: 2-0
f: 1-0
Mid v Av
p: 3-1
s: 1-1
c: 2-0
f: 2-0
Bir v WBA
c: 1-1
f: 1-1

Champ league draw

The following is the draw for the champ league, in case you'll still sleeping
First Leg: Tuesday, February 22, 2004
Real Madrid v Juventus
Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen
PSV Eindhoven v Monaco
Bayern Munich v Arsenal

First Leg: Wednesday, February 23, 2004
FC Porto v Inter Milan
Barcelona v Chelsea
Manchester United v AC Milan
Werder Bremen v Lyon

What a match-up barca vs chelsea, both leading their respective leagues it will be an exciting match.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

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driving test result Posted by Hello

one shows the driving test result the other is the trophy from SIM Posted by Hello

sunday's events

sunday, final of AMF bowling world cup, went straight to watch it after my dry swim exercise, result=lack of sleep, luckily got free transport to the new safra at mt faber, almost could not believe my eyes when my fren came to fetch me in a convertible Mazda Mx5, i was wondering whose car was that, til i saw the driver, sigh, i have rich frens.. new car somemore, SFL juz bought not long ago.
My fren has frens in even higher places cause his(higher) fren managed to get us vip passes to the world cup, super ex tickets, $50 per day for the final 2 days, bowling is a rich-man's game, saw the ladies final between USA n Canada, winner was USA, the female champion looked so much like a guy that i almost mistook her for one, think she n valerie(spore bowler) maybe somehow related, cause both so big size.
fren with convertible had to leave early cause catching flight, he's a busy man, gave vip pass to ah soh(metta) to watch men's semi n finals, 1st semi was between spore n norway, spore lost but think was because norwegian guy bowled very well, how to fight a bowler who bowls 250 average for the semis?
final was between norway n finland, finland won it only in the last game, with 258-242, e norway guy lost it in the last frame, wasted chance.
NORWAY: X X X 9/ X X X X X ???
??? represents 10th frame of norway.
looking at the above score, e norway guy had to strike to win n nine spare to draw, but crumpled under the pressure to hit 7 n lost the world cup, wat a wasted chance.
after watching this, i was further tortured by ah soh, who wanted to stroll arond plaza sing, after her dinner,but luckily got senior with us so it wont seem so funny to be jalan jalan with ah soh, argh, it was really torturing for me cause dunno how many hours never sleep already.
ARS 2- 2 CHE

Back Dated entries...

don't ask me y i'm entering this entry so late, main reason= lazy, 1st of all i would like to thank damon for being my 1st visitor, cant have much complains when the blog is so empty.
date of driving test, passed my driving test finally after quite a no of attempts, "whew" honestly speaking, my tester did somehow give chance to me, so must really thank him.
SIM invitational, got team 5th, not bad already, regret bowling badly in the last game, pull down my average, was 4th before the last game but dropped to around 8th overall, wasted chance...
3rd n above individual got cash prize.
nite activites= mahjong, lost to derrick this time round, n placed wrong bet on soccer, wanted to bet on german league but thought bolton would be steady, useless team...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

oh well....

hey, pardon this newbie's blog, he's too green. yes i know it's all empty n bare(e blog site), will try to update it whenever possible, still very blur in using all these stuff. did manage to get a pic up, it's e least i could do, otherwise e whole thing is juz words n more words....

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