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Sunday, July 30, 2006

pervert alert!

some one juz sent me this link, seems like this pervert got caught wanking in public, in nearby pasir ris some more, got pix somemore.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

a close up of our og banner. Slyvester of Toon town.

this is suppossed to be our house banners for sow 2006. the top left corner that one, slyester is the one i belong to.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thai Express might ban me(or is it the other way around?)

hey, it's really not my fault...

n so the story goes sumthing like this...

went to Thai Express at Raffles city for dinner.
with pei ying n arthur after doing stuff in sch.
as there was too many ppl in the restaurant, we placed our order b4 we got a seat.
arthur ordered sum curry soft shell crab
py ordered pineapple rice
n i ordered some prawn paste fried rice.
together with some chicken soup that we shared.

arthur's food was served, followed by the chicken soup n py's order.
told them to eat up 1st while i was still waiting for my order.
in the mean-time, we finished one bowl of soup.
n i asked a waiteress for a 2nd helping of soup.
but as time went by, the 2nd helping of soup was here,
but my order was still not served,
so i asked the waiteress to check on my order,
it seems that they forgot my order as i could still see the cook reaching for some thing in a big flask that looks like wat i ordered.
n not long after...

my order was served,
as i was finally able to eat my dinner.
i noticed a rather big piece of egg-shell in my fried rice.
i called the super-visor over n told her abt it,
i simply asked her to inform the cook, n didnt request to exchange for another plate.
n also asked for another helping of the soup at the same time.
(again? but this time round i made it sound like it was their fault n it was only rite for them to get me another serving of soup, haha...)

i simply removed the eggshell n carried eating, but as i carried on eating, i found another smaller piece of egg-shell hidden in the rice.
ok, nvm, i simply removed the 2nd piece n carried on eating.

but then, i found a 3rd piece of egg-shell similar in size to the 1st one i found.
i got so fed-up, i stopped eating.
i told my frens abt it, n asked them to finish off the seafood in my fried rice(cause didnt wan to waste the seafood on the plate, as i mostly expect them to change a new plate for me) b4 i called the super-visor over.
this time, i showed the super-visor the egg-shell bits who had no choice but to serve me another plate of fried rice.

i got a new plate of fried rice, but b4 i started eating, i had to double check for any more egg-shells bits in my plate. the thing is there was no probs with any of the other orders my frens had, mine was the only one with problems. so am i lucky or un-lucky?

mahjong, (again?)

was playing mj last wk end, was hoping to an end to the lousy streak.

started off with a wu tai zi mo, but still ended up lost a little.

but nvm, the most impt thing is i prevented my fren from zi mo 8 tai.

story goes sumthing like this...
player b4 me eats 3 wan zi tiles n has no flowers, the other ppl on the table simply assume that he's playing ping hu, n have no regard for him by simply throwing wan zi tiles on the table.
player opposite me throws a seven bamboo tile.
the player b4 me was too fast and took a look at the tile he was gonna draw.
b4 i pong the seven bamboo tile.
n threw a eight bamboo.
the player b4 me had thought he had zi mo 8 tai with the 3 wan tile.
but i pong away his tile.
in the end the player opposite me hu with the eight bamboo tile that i threw.

but nvm, even if i threw another tile, the 3 wan tile will still be used by the player after me to zi mo.
haha, so basically there was no way the player b4 me could win with 8 tai, haha...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

what do u actually wan to be when u graduate?

of course, everyone hopes of lending a dream job, one with a gd prospect; or one which u really like doing; or one with a big pay n fringe benefits.(Company car+corporate Credit card+....)

or are u destined to a govt job due to scholarship commitments?

but more often than not, most ppl end up doing things that they didnt study for, all the formulas that the lecturer keeps trying to explain to u; all the tutorials that u complete wk in wk out;
all the essays that u spent countless nites losing sleep over; all the projects that u put your heart in doing.

they dun account for anything when u actually step out into the work-force.
okay, grades may play some part in deciding your future.
but getting straight As do not mean u're going be really successful.

the fastest route is actually one which strings are pulled.
how often do u see someone who gets pulled into a big MNC due to his/her all powerful parents?
the world is actually darker than u can imagine.
with many things operating in the background, that most ppl do not actually know abt.

most ppl actually end up with a desk job, slaving away from 8 to 5.
unable to break out of the cycle due to family commitments.
imagine staying on your job to carry on re-paying your housing loan.

so, wat will u actually end up as when u graduate?

Dead man's flop

juz watched dead man's chest.

felt cheated. with the lousy cliff-hanger ending. makes u bo bian muz watch the 3rd part of the story to know wats going on.

overall, it was an okay movie. i really hoped that they would end the story instead of leaving a cliff-hanger. the plot's a little too far-fetched than the 1st pirates.

i rather they tell us from the start like lord of the ring's thats it's a 3 part movie, instead of trying to milk $ out of movie goers by banking on 2 sequels to a successful story.

Monday, July 17, 2006


if there was Mc-Abalone on the Macdonalds menu, i'll be the 1st one to order it.
i can already imagine it.
2 pcs of premium whole bread, with a big fat abalone in between, topped up with lettuce.

how did Mc-Abalone come along?

ever since the Mc-delivery thingy came out, we have been regular patrons of this service, cause late at nite when u play mj, hungry, then dun wanna travel out to find food, so juz pick up the phone n order lor.
Since most things on the Macdonalds menu are Mc-sumthing this one or mc-otherthing,
then since certain ppl having a fierce streak of luck(keep zi mo wu tai)
then they win a lot of money.
n it's only rite for the winner to treat the other guys.
esp when the winner is winning in excess of $100.
then u wanna order sumthing fierce to cover your losses, so u typically order the most expensive thing on the menu.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

another sem, another headache

this sorta things happen every single sem, when u try to squeeze all the mods u wanna take into a perfect timetable n this includes no clashing of exam dates n etc.

there are also other things ppl forget when they plan mods.
like wat this mod can unlock, or as a stepping stone to some other higher level mod.
or who is the lecturer for the mod.
it's very impt to check that u dun end up with some guy who cant pronounce the many funny terms in the mod. or some lecturer who cant explain properly, or some guy who's more concerned abt putting u to sleep than imparting knowledge to u. or some guy hu's juz concerned abt his prized student who can answer juz abt everything he throws at the class.

n juz when u think everything's over....

the bidding comes along, n makes u re-do all the early planning that u have done...

thx a lot...

world cup (final post)

the world cup's finally over, n all i feel is a sense of being lost. dunno wat to do once the world cup's over. but i muz endure, the epl's starting soon.

u can tell how lazy i can get at times, when i hardly do any posting for a week plus. n the world cup final post is done a few days after the world cup final is over.

the strange thing is that i was able to endure thru the whole cup in one piece, no flu, no symptoms of anything else despite staying up late most of the time to watch matches.

n the moment the world cup ended, i end up with a stomach-ache n a terrible headache, wat a lousy hangover....

Monday, July 03, 2006

other things besides World cup.

really must stop playing mahjong for some time. been losing quite a lot of $$ on it recently. the total sum lost is rather significant,(even more so than the $ lost from soccer betting) which i cannot disclose here.

u know u're not fated to win $ when the following situations happen to u:

i already had 4 tai on the table, so it was bao big tiles, meaning anyone who hits a big tile such as red dragon, green dragon, or any tile with tai would be bao by me.(meaning: if i zi mo, the person who kenna bao must pay for everyone).
i got 3 green dragons concealed inside my tiles, the player after me threw a green dragon, so i kang n bao him.
then not long after i was able to ting pai(waiting to hu 5 tai with 3 or 6 bamboo)
then the player after me threw a 6 bamboo.
juz when i was abt to collect $
someone cut my queue n hu with one tai.
nah bei.
to make matters worse, all he had was a flower with his tai n 5+7 bamboo waiting for 6 bamboo.
knnccb.(pardon the vulgurities, but u'll be cursing n swearing if u were in my shoes)
i thought i win big $ but then still muz pay $.

2nd incident.
somewhere in the game i managed to ting a qing a si.(flush one set)
all wan zi only.
and the only card that i was waiting for was a san wan, cause i got one er wan n si wan.
then the player after me throw a san wan.
i was abt to collect $ when again....
more nah bei....
disaster struck....
the player before me cut my queue n hu with one tai again.
super-stunned again....
dunno how to react anymore...

these are really signs of super bad luck in mahjong.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

world cup part 5

the 4 semi-finalists of the world cup have emerged.
n they are respectively
Germany, Italy, Portugal n France.

Reasons why Argentina went out:
they were holding on to a slender 1-0 lead after the 49th min goal by Ayala.
decided to play defensive tactics instead of taking the game to Germany.
Coach took out Riquelme(attacking midfield) n replaced him with a more defensive player.
Riquelme should have stayed on the pitch to put more pressure on Germany.
Arg Coach then took out Crespo n replaced with Julio Cruz. another mistake.
he could have opted for Messi which would scare the shit out of the German Defense.
Arg players were not mentally or physically prepared for the game to go to penelties.

Reasons why Ukraine lost:
lack of established strikers other than Shevchenko.
they were playing against Italy.
Buffon is the world's most expensive goal-keeper n he's showing why he is.
Luca toni is due a goal after his 30 goal season in serie A.

Resaons why England went out:
Eng coach going with a 4-5-1 formation, to defend all the way instead of attack.
Rooney cannot survive playing as lone striker.
Eng coach bring Theo Walcott to world cup but never play him at all.
Rooney's too tempermental.
England have a self-destruct button that will auto-activate when they reach world cup q-finals.
England simply suck at penelties.

Reasons why Brazil lost:
Defensive error, players caught ball watching.
no real effort to defend. at least 5 players still outside the penelty box even when free kick floated in.
the signs were there in the earlier matches when Australia threatened to score but didnt have the chance to.
Brazil are still not able to beat France in world cup.(somehow)