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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chelsea lose...

Chelsea lost, yeah... there goes their 4 cup dream, before the match on sunday, it was all rosy and colourful, but it seems that the bubble may have leaked, but not completely burst, haha, knocked out by newcastle, Chelsea's manager was trying to rest too many players for that champ league clash with barcelona, then he fielded 2nd team, in the end his plan back-fired when new took an early lead and chelsea never seemed to bother new's defence, then he did the un-thinkable, he changed 3 subs during half-time(gudjohnsen, lampard, and duff on), thats when their bubble started to leak, esp when a few mins later, wayne bridge got injured and Jose Mourinho couldnt sub him off, so l.p.p.l. muz play with ten men on the field, then Duff become temp left back, even funnier is when Glen Johnsen stand in as goal-keeper when Cudicini kenna sent off. So when will Chelsea lose again? haha...


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