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Monday, February 28, 2005

NUS bus drivers dun like me also...

I bought a cup of strawberry milk-shake take-away at the arts canteen, then before i could stop the auntie from poking the straw into my cup, the straw was already staring at me in the face, cause i wanted to bring my drink back hall(easier to carry mah), so i told the auntie nvm and i'll juz take the drink away as it is. then i walked down the slope in the hot weather to the internal shuttle bus stop.
i was about to board a Nus internal shuttle bus when the (knn) bus driver told me to dump my drink away, i tried to explain to him that i wont touch my drink, but he insisted that i throw away my drink, i could not be bothered to argue with him, so juz wait for another bus lor. It's like so many ppl bring drinks/food on-board these buses, and trust me, i've seen worse, like ppl eating a complete mac meal on board these buses. Anyway this no-brain bus driver dunno that outside got no dustbin, so wat he wan me to do? juz dump the drink on the grass patch? wtf?

Or the other time i was on-board the bus and about to alight from the front door at my bus-stop when the bus- driver refused to open the front door for me, and insisted that i go back the back door, it's like "hello?" wats so difficult, press a button and open the door for me will die meh? make me walk all the way to the back of the bus to alight. This is like wasting everybody's time n energy. i can understand if this happens at the terminal cause they wanna prevent ppl from boarding a bus ending its round, but this was at a normal bus-stop, then somemore got not much ppl around some more. argh.. Bus drivers dun like me also...

1 test down, 2 more tests and 1 assignment to go...


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