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Thursday, October 20, 2005

gettin older part 2...

yup, it seems that after my 21 shots, i was sober enough to remember quite a lot of stuff. i initially thought my frens wanted to drink more, and so i went n bought some drinks from the vending machine for them, but then it seemed that they got hungry again, argh...

it's my fault, never buy enuf food for them, so instead of returning to my room to dump my ice box, we went to visit a pgp type A room which belonged to one of my fren's fren. ah, the all exclusive type A rooms, $1800 per semester, each room comes with air-con and a personal toilet and bath cubicle. so u can literally camp inside n dun come out. and so we dumped my ice box inside the type A room.

we then made our way to Sheares hall to eat supper, while we were there, jason spied one certain gal from kent ridge who come over to eat supper also. she was with in a grp with 2 other gals. he kept telling us how he thinks she's very chio. we started discussing on whether to approach them or not, then wei leen went over to chat them up, he somehow managed to convince them to say happy bdae to me, haha, (yup, i still remember even though i was pretty drunk)

then someone suggested that we buy drinks for them, then we pooled our $ and bought 3 bottles of snapple for them, wei leen was the smooth operator, i think he did this kinda of stuff many times already, he could like chat them up juz like that n convince them to take our treat of snapple.

then after we finished our supper, we left and waited outside the hall, to see if they would pass by us, we ended up waiting at the biz libaray bus stop.

not long afterwards, we saw them coming down the slope, walking into kent ridge hall, placed our 3 bottles of snapple inside then come out again, they started walking up the biz slope to dunno where. and since they left already, then we returned to pgp lor.

haha, the bo liao things we do in school.


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