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Friday, October 14, 2005

all tests for october down.. but then...

2 project deadlines

1 science of music essay

1 stack of Ma1104 lab report..

all due in the coming 2 weeks, well done....

but on another note, i have to thank my ma2213 lecturer, he cancelled the 1st part of our MATLAB assignment, woohoo... luckily i never start on it yet, haha... wat a waste of time to do and complete, but the lecturer say no need to hand in...

finally got time, to sit down and blog now, supposed to have MA1104 lab but it's not compulsory, so i kinda rather self-declare a 4 hr break from 12pm-4pm instead.

BBQ tonight, will i be able to pull it off?
i've only planned a bbq once, and it sorta ended in a disaster, kenna rain lah, n dunno wat else lah, i better put it all behind me.

i booked the bbq pit only on monday, and started drawing a list of stuff to buy and ppl to invite after my test on wed. started sending invitations out only on wed. initially a lot of cock-ups lah, since so late then inform ppl, so some ppl got other commitments else where. but i'm glad i at least kinda got a confrimed attendence of more than 20 ppl.

this initially started as a small drinking session among ex-sheares hall ppl, but then someone mentioned that it's cool to bbq and drink at the same time, then since i'm holding a bbq and i got like frens staying around in sch, it would be rather pai seh, if they know abt it, n ask me y never invite them, then later i realised that if i invited A i have to invite B also, so i ended up mass mailing n mass sms to all the ppl out in nus that i know.

y got bbq? cause i'm getting older.... haiz...


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