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Friday, October 07, 2005

tests and more tests...

official count: 2 tests down 2 more to go

managed to endure through 1st week of october. 3 more lousy weeks to go. lousy october.
i got back my 1st test paper on thursday. ma1104

was pleasently surprised. didnt expect to do so well.
75% over 100%.

thats not the end of the story. the tutor gave back our test papers during our tutorial timeslot. then he had a lecture with us also immediately after the tutorial.

so after i got back my paper, i was rather happy for 5 mins or the time it takes to travel from the tutorial classroom to the lecture hall.

thats when all my morale went on a downhill ride. the lecturer showed us a bar graph representation of the test results.

there were 6 ppl who scored 100
12 who scored above 90
and 8 who scored above 80

the total class size is pretty small, abt 60 onli, so that means my 75% is an average grade, aka B
75% is B??? i dun believe it also...
haiz, wat is this world coming too....

went for prob tutorial, there was this guy who also attended the same ma1104 tutorial as me. i recognised him as he was up explaining some chim double integral qn that i cant do. he asked me these qns:" so how do u find ma1104?" i frankly told him thats it's a killer mod. then he said not really. sianz...

then the best part, he told me he's a year 1.
wat?? a year one? super demoralised...


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