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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

aik... got older already... so fast....

wat happened on the day of the bbq?

i figured that i could pull it off with my combination of the bbq delivery n stuff i was gonna get from the supermarket.

and so i had to enlist the help of matt n travel to ginza with me to get the bbq stuff.
someone should have seen how i was shopping for the bbq stuff.

i bought like 60 chicken wings, 40 hot dogs n 30 crab stick and the rest i got them with the delievery.

then after leaving the chicken wings to de-frost, i had to leave for my numerical analysis lecture.

the time that i told my frens to come was 7.30pm, but i had to start preparing from 5.30 like that already.

slowly my guests started to arrive....

my 1st challenge: there was a fountain at pgp, my frens placed my present on top on some ledge on the fountain, and i had to cross the fountain to get my present.

actually my frens meant that as a joke, but by the time they told me that, i had already gotten all wet.

aiyah, it's a once a yr affair. so nvm lor.

my 2nd challenge: 22 shots of alcohol. i started with 14 shots of vodka, that wasn't so bad, cause there wasn't much vodka left, n vodka dun taste so bad. then they started pouring gin.
i puked on my 1st shot of gin. added water to the remainder of the 6 cups of gin. and downed them. the last cup was simply pepsi.

thats all for now... lazy to type already... haha =p
on another note, check out the pix of my bdae presents, they're on the sidebar, click the flickr thingy. thx gals n guys.


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