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Friday, October 21, 2005

wake me up when october ends...

just when i thought i was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel from this horror october, ma 1104 lecturer tells us there gonna be another test next next monday, on the 31 oct, wtf? thats like 11 days later and the topics covered will include a YET TO BE TAUGHT chapter next week.

okay u may argue that it's not as if i'll make the effort to revise my work early, but then i thought that i could survive october in one piece, but then it seems as if everything's all so sudden, argh...

checklist of horror october:
ma2216 project due on friday 22-10-05 done
gek 2001 (my part of the project) due sunday 24-10-05 un-done
science of music essay due monday 25-10-05 un-done
gek2001 project due tuesday 26-10-05 un-done
ma1104 lab sheets due thursday 28-10-05 un-done
ma1104 test on monday 31-10-05 un-revised
ma2213 lab assignment 31-10-05 un-done

and so i'm going into hibernation.

wake me up when october ends....


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