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Saturday, October 22, 2005

everyone's an october baby

too many people born in october around me, haiz... but the most amazing thing is that there can be 2 people with the same dob inside the nus bowling team, the world's too damn small lah. i only know of one person who got same bdae as me, but dunno where he end up liao, lost contact. haha...

i dun look local meh?

eh there was this particular incident back in century square earlier, i dunno why but i always will kenna approach by prudential investment ppl onez. this is not the first time already, the credit card ppl usually dun even think of asking me anything. haha.

location: Century square outside coffee bean
event: some prudential investment booth

Lady A approaches me, asks me this qn:
"excuse me, are u local?"
my reply:
"eh.....(slight pause with look of disbelief)... yah....."
"u look local, but not that local"
(huh? local also got different level of local one meh?)

then she went on some ice-breaker level qns like where i from, student or watever, i thought she would want me to fill up some lousy survey, where i have to leave my particulars and then they would bombard me with asking u to sign up with their investment.savings plan or watever.
but luckily she got to the pt, n asked me if i was even interested in such stuff,

of course not, i'm so finanicially unstable. sigh...

she thanked me for my time and i went to the restroom.
came out and was able to walk out of the shopping mall when kenna approached by Lady B.
this time is even more desperate, i was like walking away, almost out of their target radius, my back was facing them, when she gave me slight nudge from behind and asked me the classic qn:

"are u local?"
"eh u got a bit dun look local, so juz wanna confrim"

then the usual qns, but this time she never ask me any critical qn on whether i was interested in their investment plans.

being asked twice on whether i'm local or not in less than 15 mins. thats new....


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