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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ben n Jerry's free cone day

Singaporeans are Singaporeans, there will always be a queue for free things. All you need to do to attract Singaporeans is to put the words FREE in on your shop front, n you can be sure there will be a crowd gathering around, and if it is something very popular like Ben n Jerry's then there might even be a queue.

Before i begin my post, i have to state that i never queued for Ben n Jerry's free cone giveaway before. So with that mentality in mind, i decided to give this a try since we were in the area. (and I also need to thank my Dear for queuing together with me, Thanks Dear! =D) It was approximately 10plus when we reached White Sands, there was no queue or anybody there at that time, so we decided to grab some breakfast to pass some time.

This is what we had for breakfast(not bread-fast, hahaha, she knows what i'm referring to de =p), got some dim sum, french toast n tea from Kopitiam, it's nothing fantastic, cause there were not much choices at White Sands.

This is what the queue looks like at approximately 1130, 30 mins before the free giveaway. typical singaporeans.... (okay, i'm one of the typical singaporeans as well)

okay, timecheck: 1145 , 15 mins before free giveaway. the queue gets longer n longer. we're at the camera position, the left side got another line of ppl joining the queue.

Then at 12pm sharp, the Ben n Jerry's staff will come out and countdown somemore.
10, 9 , 8....3, 2, 1..
so interesting.....

Then the queue started moving le. Yeah!

ok, this artistic shot was taken when i asked her to hold the leaflet against the Ben n Jerry's words. hahah. shamelessly proclaiming my photography skills.

okay same thing, we are situated where the camera is, n slowly approaching the Ben & Jerry's counter. then at the same time, the staff will will show you the flavours available so that u can make a quick decision at the counter.
N also they will ask you for your kind donation to charity. n of cos, we got donate lah.

Yes, free cone day, come n get your free cone! Read the sign, queue to get your free cone.

Okay, at this pt, we were like almost next in line for the free cone le. like 3-4 ppl more to go. They have like 3 staff on duty to serve the ice cream, so it's quite fast de.

plus its like one scoop n here you go.

Okay, finally it's our turn at the counter. time check: 12.30pm, surprising le the queue was quite fast and the staff were very efficient, it was like, "what flavour would you like? then here you go, Thank you" I think a customer can be easily served in less than 20 seconds bah.

Yutang posing with her Chocolate Fudge cone in front of the Ben & Jerry store.

Me and the 2 free cones, i got a chunky monkey cone, which was not as nice as the choco fudge de. hmm. so next time i know what flavour to order le.


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