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Thursday, May 01, 2008

some pictures....

the new router up and running...

I went sim lim to hunt for a new router last sunday, i saw that there were still selling the Linksys model below, which i thought why buy the same model when u already bought it a few yrs back, so i decided on another brand. i wanted to buy an older model but many shops dun stock it so bo bian buy this Netgear model lor. if u look at the lower left side of the photo, it's a 108mbps wireless router, then i found out that all laptops only support 54mbps, then if u wan to use the new speed you have to buy an additional add on which cost like another $30+. i just bought the above router at $78 and just use lor.

Technical explanation: 108 mbps means 108 megabits per second, which means that the internet signal can transmit data at that speed, as compared to 54 mpbs. which should technically and by right be faster.

this one is my old router which just broke down that last week, the wireless internet function light just wont light up n wont work, but then normal internet by LAN cable is okay.

it has served me well for the past 3.5yrs, so now R.I.P bah.


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