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Saturday, April 12, 2008

stupid xiao qiang

okay , this incident happened on tuesday. I visited this Pasir coffeeshop for lunch with colleagues. it is located along pasir panjang road there near the AVA animal control there. i was eating my lunch with my colleagues, when suddenly there was this xiao qiang which crawled onto my pants while i was half eating my lunch, i saw it crawl on my lap then i quickly stood up and tried to sweep it away. then my colleagues were like "huh? wat happened ?" that kinda look, n i guess many ppl inside the coffeeshop also wondering wat happened. then finally the xiao qiang fly away so at least the ppl around me knew wat happened, but there was also nothing much i could do, chase after that xiao qiang meh? then i bo bian, after sweeping away xiao qiang, i still had to finish my half-eatne lunch. sianz....


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