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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The latest food fad

Okay, this is actually my 3rd time buying donuts. This time it took less than 30 mins as i visited the Suntec outlet instead of the Raffles place one. The moment i joined the queue, the person in front of me left the queue (haha, yes! shorten the queue!) then before i knew it a whole bunch of ppl at least 8 joined the queue behind me, (heng ah, i came early)

Finally tried the hazelnut milk chocolate, which my fren waited for an additional 10 mins the other time when i queued with the 1st time at the Raffles place outlet. The queue at the Raffles place outlet looks scarier when they chop up the queue.

And i must say that the double chocolate is very very sinful but so so nice... haha, esp when u re-heat the donuts.

side-note: i prefer the cheese donuts from Dippin Donuts at Vivocity, cause their cheese donuts got the cheese flakes ontop as compared to Donut factory's "thin" layer of cheese on top, and if i remember correctly the donuts at Dippin are slightly cheaper than Donut Factory.


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