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Sunday, April 06, 2008

i might as well have a sign hanging above my head...

okay, i have a feeling that there is a very big "i" sign hanging above my head, cause i always get asked for directions one. maybe i cant see it but i'm sure it's there somehow.

i can at least count 4 times in these few weeks already.

Last sunday when Xiao mei and i were walking from Central to Marina Square, the moment i step out of central got 2 jap/kor ladies asking me for directions on how to go to boat quay/fullerton, as i was not very familiar with the clarke quay/boat quay , i struggled for a while, as in stun there for a few mins thinking of which way to go, but i think they sensed that i was not very sure so they decided to ask someone else bah.

Part 2: as we were about to cross the road towards Funan there, i got stopped again by a couple of chinese tourists, who called me "xiao huo zi", i stunned again. this time they asked for directions to boat quay, luckily i passed by that area earlier n could easily point out the general direction for them. n they even asked me where my "zu ji" from in which i replied from Fujian.

Part 3: saturday morning
I was on my way to purchase macdonalds, and after i finish getting them from Harbourfront then as i was walking back to my car, i got stopped by another tourist couple(German i think? their english dun have the other french/brit slang one), who asked me on how to get to the Botanical gardens, i told them it would be easier to take a cab there as compared to taking public transport n i told them that it would cost approx $20 bah. (rite? i 'm now not very sure abt how much taxi really cost after the price increase)

Part 4: today evening
after running on the treadmill at the gym, i walked out of the gym to catch my breath in which a couple approached me on directions to visit the football field in which i simply pointed to them the direction of the car park and asked them to walk all the way down that road.

Okay, pls let me know if u see a big
"i" sign hanging above my head, thanks. haha...


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