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Friday, September 21, 2007

it's just a co-incidence (this is wat i'm telling myself)

went for a citibank interview last friday, position applied for: Treasury operations, contract based, 3-6mths convertable to perm depending on performance. this job lobang was arranged by Kelly services, a job placement agency.

The interview went on smoothly(in my own opinion) with the line manager even asking me when i can start, so naturally i had high hopes of landing the job after the job interview ended. The line manager did mention that she would contact kelly again.

so i went home n waited for "good" news, okay, as the days passed by, i felt strange that there was no news either from citibank or kelly, so i decided to send an email to ask for more info regarding the job application to kelly, but there was strange-ly no reply.

so i decided to call kelly to find out more, then the receptionist told me that the agent in charge of my case went on urgent leave for a week. (such a co-incidence, rite?) then now i realise why there was no reply from the kelly 's side. Later i was referred to another agent who told me that she would look into it.

the final word i received from kelly was that there was also no reply from the line manager at citibank, so the only thing i can do now, is still to wait. =(



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