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Sunday, April 13, 2008

the boring-ness of my blog

eh, pardon my blog posts if they sound a little dry, I have not been blogging for some time (if u refer below, the time between the posts are really very very long) and my creative juices are not flowing as well. It could be due to "old age", yes, I'm considered old in the office (the average age is around 21-22 there in case you're wondering) But most likely it should be due to the fact that I have not blogged properly for some time.

And if anyone really wants to know, my cousins found out about my blog, and teased me about the woshiyiduoyun part and calls me xiao yun for that matter. And now even my aunts also know about this, so i'm like "yah i got have this particular blog and i'm not willing to make any additional comments with regards to the naming of my blog"


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