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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes! I got what I deserved!

I signed up to be an EnergyOne gym member last year, it was the period in which i slacked at home for some time, the actual duration of slacking can shock some people, but nevermind, it's over already.

In case anyone is not aware of which gym i'm referring to, it's actually the one inside Safra. They have several places in which u can visit but they are basically located inside the Safra clubhouses around Singapore.

I paid like $200 for the entrance fees and 3 mths membership, n later on another date, extended my membership until the end of 2007 for last year.

Then i went to take my IPPT at the gym in early Oct, n it was at Safra Toa Payoh, i just wanted to try what it was like to take the IPPT in the gym. plus i heard it was supposed to be easier. Anyway i needed to clear my ippt as i was no longer a student n did not enjoy anymore IPPT immunity anymore. (IPPT immunity means that there is no need to take/clear IPPT when you're a full time student studying)

n somehow by some stroke of luck, (i have to clarify that i did train a little, just enough to pass, as in run on the treadmill after i signed up for the gym membership n not totally out of the blue go take IPPT one.) i managed to clear my ippt on that day. then i went to ask at the counter, ask what incentives they offered for NSmen who pass their ippt at the gym, the counter staff told me got free gym membership(worth approx $200) for non gym members n 3 mth gym membership(worth approx $90) waiver for ppl who already had a gym membership.

i took up the 3 mth waiver , signed a form n handed it over to the staff there. i also managed to meet a hall mate on that day, but that's not the impt thing in this post.

Then since i was able to pass the ippt this time round.
i decided to clear my ippt again for my next window. so i booked another time slot to take my ippt and this time it was also at Safra Toa Payoh, n it was already late Oct.
n the same thing again, i cleared my ippt again, signed a 3 mth waiver form n passed it over to the staff there.

Fast forward to April 2008, i received a letter from the gym, asking me to make payment for April 2008 to June 2008. I thought it was strange, so i went to the gym to make enquires, i told my story to the staff at the gym at Safra tampines, who then took my details and passed it over to their membership dept to check.

I received a call from a lady of the gym, who told me that the waiver could only be done once per year. i then told her that they should do the waiver for me cause they did not reject my application both times when u submitted them. i told her to appeal for me and she say she will and that was the end of the call.

then 1 week later, i got another call from another different person from the gym, who wanted to tell me that the waiver is un-successful , i told her that i was busy and would appreciate a callback, she did call me back, but i was busy again and did not answer the call.

I proceeded to call them again on sat, but i only got thought to a voice message saying that their inbox is full.

Then i had enough, and proceeded to write a letter to them. explaining the situation to them.
Basically I argued that they should waive for me cause they accepted my waiver form twice and did not reject any of them. then i also say that they could have replied to me saying that the waiver can only be done once a year or even reject my second waiver form, in the form of a letter or notice between Oct 2007 and Apr 2008. but i tell them say i only receive a letter asking me to make payment, which i felt very upset with.

I attached my IPPT results for last year, and sent them by normal mail to their membership dept.

Then today i checked my email, and i saw that they had replied and told me say that they had approved my waiver request.

Yes! Finally! I really feel that this is something that i deserve lor, as in i take the ippt as requested by the army, i pass the ippt then u come and takeaway the privileges that come along with my hard work, which i believe is looking for trouble lor.

anyway i'm just glad that i resolved this issue with them.


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