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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i think i'm food flavoured or something like that

okay, think i shall update my blog more often, since i'm on leave.

apart from that xiao qiang incident, there was another one 2 weeks ago, this one at the round market where i stay, i was there to have my sunday breakfast. N after having my weekly dose of wanton mee. then i decided to get a drink, a cup of tea in fact. so i went to queue for it. and just when i was about to join the queue, there was this uncle who stood up from where he was sitting and approached me in a menacing manner. i did not know what he gonna do to me, then he suddenly sweeping my back. n i was puzzled as in what was going on, then the auntie who was sitted on the same table as the uncle explained that it was a lizard. at around the same time then i saw the auntie trying to step on it to kill it.

i'm sorta of like thinking how come this kinda stuff happened again, just after the xiao qiang incident. then i thanked them n proceeded to order my drink.

yes, n of course i took a shower when i got home.


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