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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mini Bowling

After the Ferris wheel ride, we decided to explore around the building to see what else they had to offer in terms of entertainment. We went to the cinema level to take a look then traveled down to take a look at the new bowling alley. Certain parts of the bowling alley was still under construction but part of it was open for business.

Anyway, the most interesting thing that we saw was the mini bowling below.

It is actually located on the far left side of the bowling alley, with the words Highway 66 Mini Bowl.

As you can see above, it is mini bowling with 2 lanes, half the length of the normal lanes, the pins are mini, the lane is mini, the ball is mini. Basically everything is mini and cute. (it is designed to attract small kids so that they can pester their parents to pay so that they can play here)

Then we saw this little cute boi boi playing over there, as you can see above, he is eagerly waiting for his ball to return so that he can throw it again. the ball is also very small, think slightly smaller than a handball that type.

Yeah, he managed to get some pins down!

So cute right? (waiting for something to happen)

This is how he throws his bowling ball with the expert guidance of his parents.

Not as good as the previous throw, but we dun think he knows anything that is going on, he just picks up the ball and throw. then when the ball returns, he throws it again. (then sometimes the dad would get so bored that he would throw the ball himself, instead of letting his kid throw, haha)

Close up of the cure ah boi and his cute bowling pose.

Yutang and me posing in front of the sign.


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