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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Singapore flyer part 2

yup, another self-taken photo but this one was taken near the riverside at the Esplanade there.

yutang posing with the menu. =)

n she also say the pig very the cute

haha, she found the menu very nice thats why we took some pix of it.

okay, after the experience on the flyer, we had to make a trip to Plaza Sing as i booked tix to watch midnight eagle, and since we didnt have time to take public transport there, we took a cab and even take cab there also got story lor.

At first, we were like waiting inside the queue at the flyer that side then got a cab drove in to the taxi pick-up point to let his passengers alight, and just when i thought that uncle going to drive away cause he didnt seem interested in picking us up as customers mah.

then the taxi uncle(okay he seems like he is in his 30s bah, but i dunno wat else to call him, taxi uncle sounds nicer, than juz taxi driver) lowered his window and asked if we were going to the city, cause he wanted to make a short trip,

Ok, i told the uncle we going PS, then he was like thinking a while then say okay. then after we board the taxi, he started explaining that he want to make a short trip cause he want to change shift le and go home watch champ league soccer between Barcelona n Man United. then he ask if i will watch later, i say not sure. n for a moment, we were like just chatting like old friends like that, the conversation went something like this.

taxi uncle: "later tonight got big match, thats why i want to change shift le, can go home watch the match, will u be watching the match later mah?"

me:"not sure bah, dunno if got time or not, u support who ah?"

taxi uncle:"man united lah"

me:"haha, i also support the same team, ho sei lah, go man u!"

taxi uncle:"but actually hor, i support money, tonight win big then go collect big money tomolo ah"

me:"okay , can. huat ah!, good luck ah!"

disclaimer: i cant rem the actual conversation that took place. but basically this was roughly what happened lah.

then all this time, during the conversation we were like chatting like old frens and my gf was like puzzled, like how come i know the taxi uncle and we like chat until so friendly, haha.

then not long after, we reach park mall le, then the taxi uncle made an illegal cutting of double white lines to stop us on the drop-off pt opposite park mall there (it's actually a traffic offense to drive across the double white lines, dear, u can take a look next time u are on the road, or remind me to explain to u bah)

then he even say, :" only for u cause u are man u supporter then i stop here"

then i was like " ok ok, thank you, n good luck for tonight"

ok we then went over to PS for the movie which was actually quite long, at least 2.5 hrs, and since it was already past 12 n she didnt want to go home so early, we walked to bugis n ate beef noodles. pictures are above. the food was not bad lah, esp the soup which we felt was very nice, both of us were like drinking away, then i even asked for a second helping of the soup.

then we walked around bugis area to pass some time, where she showed me the steamboat restaurant which she went the other time n say very nice, n hint to me to bring her there again (hint, noted!) n went to mac to like grab a drink and rest a while.

n think after we like had enough rest, we walked to the esplanade to hang out by the riverside, think it was around 3am by that time.

and soon we both got tired and decided to go home le.

n this is how we spent our first night together, haha, rather eventful!


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