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Friday, May 02, 2008

memories from the Singapore flyer

Ghost face no 1 =p

Ghost face no 2, hahha. =D

more self taken pix....

yup, this time she is the camera-women.

this was taken after we got down, inside the Yakult discovery trail, it's just some mini garden with a lot of ferns n such located below the Singapore flyer.

the Singapore skyline as viewed from the flyer.

Esplanade as seen from the flyer.

more nice view from the top of the flyer, btw they will have an announcement when u reach the top of the flyer, telling u that u have reached the top le.

ECP as seen from the flyer

The view of the Tanjong Rhu golf course from the flyer.

This was taken on the bridge leading towards the flyer, we simply stopped there to take pictures cause we prefer to take the flyer with some other people, instead of the initial choice of ppl to take the flyer with., so we decided to waste some time taking pictures on the bridge to let other ppl go first on the flyer. but later we realised that if we were slower by 5 mins, we could have taken an empty capsule, and it would just be like a private booking of the capsule. but suan le, anyway, it's not as if we are complaining much about the ppl whom we took the flyer with, they are actually nice ppl who helped us take a picture for us.

yutang and me, this is just one of the many zhi pai photos. =p

we asked the other ppl inside the capsule to help us take this picture. =)

view from inside the flyer. we took a lot of photos but not all of them turned out nicely. sad...

(side note: the formatting is a little strange one, i dunno why, i try to add photos, but they cant seem to end up in the order i want them to be, sianz, so the best way is to scroll from here to up then can view the sequence properly one)

okay. we visited the Singapore Flyer on the 23rd of April 2008, the view is not bad, but it is rather hard to take pictures cause the camera cant focus on the background clearly esp if u take the night ride. but if want a cheapskate view of Singapore, then i can suggest go Mount Faber, the view also not bad, but most importantly it is free. hahahaha.

but the most impt thing about the Singapore flyer would be the fact that it is the place where i asked my dear to be my gf, and luckily she agreed, hahaha.

Dear, i know you will be reading this later, so i want you to know why i choose to ask you the question on the Singapore Flyer, because I want you to feel proud enough to tell your frens that i asked you to be my gf inside the Singapore Flyer. =)


  • omg.so gan dong.thanks for always being there for me when i need u most.(=

    By Blogger Riko, at 1:46 AM  

  • awww so sweet =p haha

    congrats u two =D

    By Blogger ting~, at 11:33 AM  

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