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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ferris Wheel @ E!hub

(okay, after several attempts at testing out the photo uploading tool at blogger, think i finally managed to get a hang of it this time round, so now the order is correct one, from the top scroll down to see the order.)

Ferris wheel? what ferris wheel? think many people would not know about this new Ferris wheel thingy bah, or even this place called E!hub. It's actually the new extension of Downtown east where they built this new building with a cinema, supermarket, bowling alley, restaurants inside. Think of it as a new shopping centre bah, only much smaller with not many shops for u to wander about. Then in this new extension, they built a very colourful ferris wheel which is know as the Cadbury Ferris Wheel. Why do i say it's colourful? you should take a look at how many light bulbs they attach to this thing lor, from the outside as well as the inside, it's just a huge collection of lightbulbs. But it really looks quite nice lah, i must say. It is not very big also and it's not that cheap also, it's $6.50 per person. but they have packages also, like $11.50 for 2 people and $16 for a family of four.(I think, i'm not that sure about the group prices) So if u have more people taking the ride together, it's supposed to be more worth it lor. The whole thing is indoor as well so u dun have to worry about the weather or anything.

We didnt know that they have this new extension or anything, but we wanted to check it out after seeing it on the bus. Later we found out that it was only the 2nd day of operations for the Ferris wheel. Kai xin! so we're actually one of the lucky few who had a chance to ride it after it opened. It was a weekday evening, so luckily got not many people also.

My gf holding up the tickets to get a shot of it with the Ferris wheel as background, while queuing up to take the ride. we tried several shots to get a clear picture, but i think this was the best that we could get. -_-

We also took a pix while inside the queue, we asked a kind uncle to take the pix for us. the above photo was actually the 2nd picture taken cause dunno why the uncle didnt focus the camera properly when he took the 1st picture, so there was his wife in the 1st photo, then we asked him to take another photo for us instead lor. (we thought he wanted to take a photo of his wife instead lor, ahahah)

Shortly not long after, it was our turn to board the carriage le, then we requested to have a whole carriage to ourselves. haha. the staff there let us have our way cause got not much people on that day anyway.

Inside the Ferris wheel, my gf Yutang above. =p

okay thats me inside.

We simply started clicking away while inside the carriage. Zhi pai here(self taken photo) n

Zhi pai there also. just keep taking photos lor. =D

This is what a carriage looks like when u take a picture inside the ride.

My gf and the Ferris wheel, we went outside the building to get a clear shot of the whole Ferris wheel.

Thats me posing in front of the Ferris wheel.

Overall it was an okay ride but a little expensive. We took like 3 rounds then we came down from the ride already, We bought the $11.50 tix so it was like $2 per round and it was not a very big round anyway. but what the heck, this was all for fun and it was a nice experience!


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