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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chicken Rice Balls @ Jalan Bersah

Okay, i dunno if anyone else has ever tried this. I was introduced to this dish and stall by my dad, who is a regular at this stall. He used to grow up in that area, near Rangoon road where his relatives opened a mini mart. I have some vague memory of this mini mart, as his relatives will always usher me to their toys section de. haha. i think i was like 3 yrs old at that time bah.

My dad always used to takeaway for us the Chicken rice balls and even bringing us to eat there whenever he is free. He used to tell me that he will buy them at only 10 cents each last time. and he keeps telling me that the owner is a chinese sinseh who gave up his job to sell this dish as he does not want it to be a lost art. N they will even chit chat a little when my dad goes there to eat de.

(omg, how long was that ago?)

above, the legendary chicken rice balls. They cost slightly less than $10 for a 2 person set meal with your choice of steamed or roasted chicken and 2 chicken rice balls each per person.

after our long journey trekking across the roads in order to reach here, cause we took public transport. It was pretty worth it, as my gf gave her thumbs up for approval. she said the chicken was nice and not dry like what she tried at some other place.

The stall used to be along the main road of Jalan Bersah but they shifted to this current location which is the coffeeshop at the junction of Foch Road and Beatty Lane, or behind the Hoa Nam building which has an OCBC branch there. It is very well hidden and they only serve from 9.30-4pm or until they are sold out for the day. but usually they would close quite early cause they sell out very fast.

The reason why it is very difficult to make these chicken rice balls, is because they need to roll the balls when they are hot. then i heard many people quit after starting work here because they cant take the heat while rolling the riceballs.

then they also have a branch near toa payoh, which was opened by one of their relatives, but the above stall is still the main one.


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