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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Korean food @ Square 2

Next up...

Korean food.
(somehow i think my blog will become a food blog with all these pictures of food.)

We went to try this korean restaurent by the name of Seoul Yummy.
It's located at Square 2 above Novena mrt there, next door to Velocity.

Thats my gf with her saba set.

And this is my stone grill thing beef and rice. (anyway i still have no idea what the proper name for this thing/dish)

This is supposed to be some pancake thingy, which i still have no idea wats it called. haha. we added this cause we had some $5 voucher n we could use it only after we spent 30 and above, so we added this item in order to enjoy the discount.. It's okay bah, but not exactly mind-blowing special or anything.

Close up of the Saba set, It does not look that great, but i assure u that it tastes better than what i ordered below.

Stone grill beef rice thing. looks great on the photo with the steam n everything but tastes so- so only. haiz... i was expecting i guess a different taste bah, as in a more vibrant taste, but the beef was a little dry n the rice was a little tasteless, so i wont be ordering this the next time i go back le.


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