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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Singapore Arts Festival 2008

I saw this arts performance at the Tampines St 11 round market(yes, the design of the market is really round like a doughnut, dun believe you can come my house to take a look de) there, which is near my place on sunday. I later found out that this guy was french n such, but i didnt know about this until i saw the newspapers later on.

I guess it is always nice to have these arts performances near the heartlands, to expose the heart-landers to arts from other cultures and up their level of artistic appreciation. (okay, i still think it's a decent effort to do so even though singaporens will mostly bo chup or dun care bah)

This is the name of the perfomer and the name of his act. I guess a picture speaks a thousand words. so it would be easier to use the pictures below to explain what his act is all about.

He saw the little girl and proceeded to get down from his piano before getting into a short dance with the girl. the little girl was initially stunned but later on you could tell that she really enjoyed the performance.

This guy is a real charmer, he was busy entertaining the little girl as above, and the crowd really loved his act.

Okay, the guy placed his piano on wheels so that he could play on the move, there's a controller at his left foot there where he could use to control where he wants to move his piano about. So he would move and play his piano at the same time, entertaining the people around him. I still think this is a brilliant idea, which really showcases the arts on the "move" part. =p

Honestly, i didnt know what he was playing or what ever( i suspect most of the ppl there also have no clue as to whose music pieces he was playing) but then i guess the impt thing is to let ppl enjoy his performance bah.

moving on...

okay, now he spotted another member of the audience whom he has to entertain le.

approaching his target...

okay, maybe this time the little girl is too young to understand whats going on, but then i guess she could somehow enjoy the performance bah.

This is the best way to cultivate the young which is by immersing them in the arts even before they know whats going on. =)

now he is preparing to leave his the market already.

This is the classic one, he does not need a horn or anything to tell people that he wants to move, all he needs to do is to play his piano and ppl will naturally give way to him. and look at the side of the photo, he really caught the attention of the uncles and the stall holders.


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